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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 17, 2012

The World is a Magical Ark

Noah's Ark is Magic All you need is a little magic and a fairy tale. Cram all the wild animals together, dissimilar in character and needs, predators and prey alike forced to mix, mingle, and mate without space to be among their own.

Imagine with all your might that the aggressive will not strike out at others, that the threatened will not retaliate against those who threaten them, and that the aggressed can be trained into tolerance, even embracing their aggressors as a gift to be thankful for.

Nor will these wonderful creatures produce voluminous malodorous waste while consuming precious quantities of food, but will be considered a welcome addition to tenuous living conditions.

Beasts of prey will no longer hunt, but alternately become vegetarians or fast for transcendent religious reasons.

The laws and rhythms of nature, constant throughout the ages, will become frozen in anti-nature, shining a beam of placid paralyzed peace where nothing happens and all energy and spirit is suspended by a narcotic stupor. Danger, fragility, and discord are no longer perceived. Purpose is replaced by merely being, and days are filled by sitting, staring at, and gossipping about other pacified livestock.

Aspiration is gone and instinct broken, filled by the promise that nature has been ruined equally for all and has been made off-limits to everyone. This equality strives to separate all from the meaning of life, offering happiness in the enlightened vision of everyone losing identically. The weak are not left behind, nor are the healthy permitted to go farther.

Nothing remains exceptional or strong, only average at best, but mostly disabled and empty. The religious and secular work in union, having always believed the same things about life, nature, and civilization, except one worships an imaginary god in the sky, but otherwise they are aligned for this progressive utopia.

To have a good result in any of these circumstances would be a miracle. To expect it when all of these are in motion is a fairy tale for the ages.

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