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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 3, 2012

Obsoleting Reality

We killed God and mock modern religions, but the urge for superstition remains unabated and now unsatisfied, so we invented "progress" as a surrogate and soon thereafter supporting doctrine as self-referential proof that its perfection is imminent. We then created tension, purpose, and deniability by claiming we must first convince and convert the unenlightened so they too can partake in the blissful utopia we have been blessed to imagine.

To get there, we first demonstrate tolerance for everything, regardless of its value (positive or negative) or outcome (constructive or destructive). More of everything, indiscriminately! We deny distinction, insisting that all things and events be considered equal, for no man on earth to judge, measure, or consider, and all difference is merely appearance because as we already said all essence is identical (also so boring and soulless it is not worth noticing), and anything unequal is the result of bias or a secret conspiracy we somehow have pierced with magical eagle eyes.

One then has to practice allegiance to deliberate ignorance and disavow ascertainment of imminent consequences as well as conditions established several steps ahead. From the concrete to the obvious, one must go blank and dumb in order to make the simplest process of life into a mystery, or at least an uncertain possibility despite statistical tables easily available in the information age. But one has also denied oneself access to the greater natural mysteries and appreciation of life's intricacies by prohibiting concepts like difference, tendency, value, rarity, and scale.

Ever in need of wonders, they deny the world so they can dwell in the unknown and call the known unknowable. They are the most brilliant and well trained of all idiots.

Small steps of coercion and progress replace wise men and insightful teachings with popular frauds, idiots, charlatans, appealing lies, and nonsense. This in turn becomes our cultural currency and benchmark of education as the standards that bore civilization are replaced by rotten veneers, considered not only equal, but superior because more people enjoy their message of inclusion and praise for existing.

This fun make believe world spills into real life, demanding compliance to a misinterpretation of reality. Doctrinal police check that one obeys standards for being progressive, tolerant, open-minded, and properly educated, and abstains from noticing or reacting to fundamental errors of faith.

Belief triumphs over information and critical thinking, while arrogant high self-esteem idiots clamor about maximizing freedom, making everything identical to democratic blockhead standards of the average, castrating culture under the premise that these changes will make people happy and have no negative effect. If you like third-world dysfunction and a sterile society, it's great!

We are left to shout at the proselytizers that they check their math and measure reality rather than imaginary relations, a demand they cannot seriously consider while remaining devout to their absurd new religion.

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