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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 22, 2012

Celestial Union

We look at society with reluctant skepticism, uninterested in dysfunction, ignorance, amusement, obesity, wretchedness, senseless beatings, and defeat.

In truth, everything is easy. We inherit a long roadmap for living with prospering families, communities, institutions, and civilization. But now we are trendy, choosing to experiment with colossal failure, evading interventions and telling ourselves we are rich enough to lose everything and strong enough to give up this brutal habit whenever we decide to.

Nor are we the pessimists we appear to be. We can endure anything, but want no part of this soulless hellhole. As saving redemption, our great belief and experience in possibility edges out doubts about others and overcomes retreated reclusion. Freshly aware and unjaded, we welcome consequences as we fearlessly make our daring attempts.

We catch a glimpse: your face is so like mine, belonging together. We warm quickly and spark on touch, playful smiles feeling the chemistry pulse in one another before we've even said anything substantial, desire communicating beyond language. Smart, attractive, and soulful is all that's needed to power our perpetual motion machine.

No one loves nature unless they blossom with spring each year.

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I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone.
-Rainer Maria Rilke

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