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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  March 15, 2012

Go Low

When everything in life is easy, it's hard to cultivate any appreciation for its actual fragility and the rare encounter with anything of value and quality.

To see the full ranging width of perspective, you must first be familiar with the total loss of your greatest hopes and aspirations, to have accepted solitude, incivility, uncaring, smothered trust, and malicious destruction, having endured despair over simple truths of nature rendered increasingly elusive and needlessly impossible.

From nothingness we emerged for a brief respite and adventure before we soon return to it forever. The imminence of the hourglass prompts our search for others who live for purposeful alignment and expend themselves upon our one and only chance, a short moment of non-nothingness.

How wonderful to have entirely lost yourself and all your wishes many times, and from catastrophe become reborn into a richer and freer self made able to see loss as gain.

For happy pessimism is restorative! One has been worn by experience to presume nothing positive, and only expect loss, suffering, waste, grind, and vandalism. We are trained by the striking blow of the animated pathogen, bracing in expectation of its lash. When it fails to arrive and something healthy shows itself decisively instead, what a gift here below!

The taste of utter oblivion is both a tease and promise that it will one day return to swallow you completely. Only from this can you appreciate the warmth and yielding of a young woman. A man feels it in his gut, or more precisely just below, churning and stirring with unrelenting desire when her chemistry allures. Somehow as we wandered the desolate wastelands, we found one another and knew to make a world together while we could, loving its unknowns and honoring the vulnerable wealth we are for one another.

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