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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  February 1, 2012


"What do you consider the most humane? - To spare someone shame.
 What is the seal of liberation? - To no longer be ashamed in front of oneself."
We are not eager to shame.

What is called "shame" today is usually the judgment that a person's essence and actions render them of no worth to us. It's not a moral argument -- no one believes in morality or invisible gods anymore. We are solely concerned with the reality of function. Because we value our lives and want to go far, we are not going to get entangled with someone who destroys their value and every opportunity they encounter.

It is not shaming to point out the consequences of behavior and their effects. When we see that someone is obese, we reflect that they are harming their health and sense how they depress others by their demonstration.

We dislike the habits of substance abusers because their binges of consumption and self-destruction are ugly to watch as they take toll on themselves and those around them, the whole time failing to confront their underlying psychological issues.

Emancipated women choosing promiscuity aren't shamed so much as recognized as having lost the ability to sustain long term relationships. Men interested in easy sex will continue to enjoy them, but that's third-world ambition.

There is no shame in recognizing something for what it is and assessing it as a type of decline that lacks value. We aren't here to flatter the worthless or pretend that all choices are equal in outcome.

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