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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 24, 2012

Lock and Key

Nature pairs the willful and willing, aligned in moments of opportunity and tested to see if they can hold on. We sniff and play house to glimpse the future and then choose to keep what is right for us.

Men age like fine wine and better whiskey. At 18, they are young, dumb, and full of comeuppance. This origin as utter nothingness has an upside in spurring motivation to achieve. His inspiration burns and strives rich with dreams and desire, and by 25 has done well and is on track for a successful life.

Women are rockstars at 18, able to stun and take over a room by merely entering it, and easily capturing the attention of any man they want. But this arsenal has lost effect by 25, or earlier if drunken hookups have worked their magic of worn emotional ambivalence. Worldly and callous seems bold but smothers the sparks that ignite love.

When people talk about the wild experiences of youth, there is little substance to it and much damage. No great information was uncovered by bringing pointless danger upon oneself, and restless acting out demonstrated a lack of reverence for life. Standing on a ledge brought nothing when they should have been going somewhere.

The ones that retained their value kept their heads down, worked towards goals, honed skills, explored good options, and lacked interest in spending energy on destructive rebellion. Their healthy souls nourished purpose and beauty, forming a harmonious pair that fits well together.

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