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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  January 7, 2012

Liberalism Begets Bladed Libertarianism

There are many ways to win with force and aggression. You can easily badger others to comply with any demand by saying all who disagree are close-minded, untrendy, uneducated, hateful, unprogressive, and bigots. This manipulates others into agreeing to the demands out of an attempt to deny the titles the attacker has claimed.

You can run a sit-in and occupy anyone's property, shutting down the area until the neighborhood gives in to your demands. You don't need a bomb or to take human hostages when you can take over the business they need for income, or make the neighborhood in which they live unpeaceful while you wait for their capitulation. In the long run, masses with desire for personal gain always defeat law, order, and sense.

The media helps spread confusion by inflating things far beyond proportion, promoting drama to bored entertainment consumers and misrepresenting inconsequential issues so there is something for proles to talk about. News is a type of entertainment programming existing to sell commercials instead of factually inform, telling stories through a game of "telephone" where there is a grain of truth in the source, progressively and willfully distorted until presented with a straight-face as dutiful benevolent social interest.

Some people feel trapped by organization and the rules of reality, instead seeking to create a more permissive society. Government barely reacts, being mostly defensive in trying to stop specific destructive acts and decay, rather than taking interest in what people do. With few police and many people, the masses are almost completely unchecked, and the police cannot afford to monitor private actions. Over time the permissiveness of liberalism and sheer size of hedonistic individualism enraptured by diverse and contradictory desires turns society into a de facto libertarian system in which people can do whatever they want with minimal restriction or consideration of results.

This has side effects, especially when families, education, and public discourse are weak and ineffectual. There is no awareness of how acts are self-destructive, perhaps because it is more immediately enjoyable to pretend everything is harmless, and the masses love the idea that they can and should do whatever they feel like doing at the moment, regardless of consequences. Wisdom is dismissed as opinion, and every fool has an opinion, therefore reality can be anything someone imagines it should be, even when it isn't, in which case a secret conspiracy is surely the origin of oppression.

From observation and experience, sensible people know how things turn out, but eventually decide to pull back entirely, no longer attempting to reason with or help others doing violence to themselves. Instead, they accede to having all laws and public judgment removed, allowing unwise people to find their own results, which means to make no effort to scout or plan ahead and then be surprised by rough situations they brought upon themselves. The twist is that we no longer care what happens, as some are adamant to do what is known to be destructive, so we renounce all connections and responsibility, allowing them to be absolutely free individuals playing with sharp moving blades, sans training, sans guidance.

Obesity is the new black

This gets funnier when the liberal social structure remains, forcing a comedy of paradoxes. Are you responsible to pay for your neighbor's irresponsibility? If his stupidity and neglect leads to his misery and suffering, should you give him free money to compensate for his poor or careless ability to navigate life? Secular doctrine reminds us that we're all equal and can't judge.

Should you have to pay for your neighbor if he decides to have a drug habit or wants to sit on the couch getting fat? We're all bound together as one, so either have to raise our standards back to healthy as they were decades ago or work harder to tolerate destructive behavior. Alternatively we could kick hopeless people out of the system as parasitical freeloaders, but this implies some people are not equal, at which point the whole deck of cards would collapse, not allowing us to drag it out longer until collapsing on its frail bloated weight.

Being forced to pay for the irresponsibility of others calls the bluff. When we're all forced into the same boat, what do you do when someone starts sinking it and convinces others to join the sabotage?

Old methods have been arrested. Progressive tolerance denounces most truth as offensive, knowledge from our best sources isn't propagated, and intergenerational wisdom is no longer transmitted to pass on lessons of experience. Schools do little more than indoctrinate, preventing critical thinking, creating a demographic of parrots, and leading to degrees of no value to employers. You can get mad and riot that uneducated and unskilled people don't matter much to civilization, but you've earned and created all of this from the utopian society you've been working on since the hippie revolution.

Now with forced toleration, everyone is totally free to walk to their doom. No warnings, pleas, arguments, judgment, help, or rehabilitation will be provided. It's your world baby, and it's all about you!

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