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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 31, 2012

Damn Oil! Damn Kindness!

When inherent frailties build the whole, and the whole is essential, you can't dismiss it for individual parts that strike you as jarring or unwelcome. Its situation is perilously difficult and accordingly makes use of every available scheme, mostly unconsciously and without consideration. This mechanism is easier to understand before introducing blame or moralizing.

Neither must others be subsumed to soothe the sufferers, a worldview of misery imagined as a cosmic chain gang imprisoned in foolishness, performing pointless labor, and conspiring for the relief of mindlessness through the drunken amusement of conversation and drama, but not art or action, nor pursuit of anything real and effectual.

You might walk around feeling a heavy weight on your back from which you want lightness, but that doesn't mean others want to carry it for you or should be made to.

Imagine if you had information to convey. It would have to be non-trivial and of interest or value to the person with whom you are communicating.

Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent.
- Dionysius the Elder (Frag. 6)
"Nice weather we're having..." - content-free, maybe idle nervousness, but in any case a non-effort.

"I am cold." (or tired, or sad, or vapid) - who could argue? Dear chap, you just interrupted perfectly good silence to announce an empty head.

"You won't believe what happened to Jessica." - perhaps, but it is easy to believe that it is of no consequence and poised to stall a purposeful life.

Listen to the cacophony of a summer night. Insects and animals call out their single selfish message like the most specialized spammers. "Hey everyone! I am eager to mate!" This focused language of chirping, buzzing, and squawking fills the air with clearly stated intent. Everything is on the line for this single goal -- none are monastically writing great novels or symphonies that would capture a flourishing spirit.

Knowledge is in rapid decline, and we can expect every effort to be increasingly divorced from nature's healthy ideal until men are educated better.

December 29, 2012

The Wall

Rough living presses down hard on the accelerator. Bad food, drugs, binge drinking, smoking to "relieve stress", and a lack of exercise race fast downhill a one-way street. The changes are too subtle for some to notice: a little puffy and misshapen at first, and then a few months of bad decisions have transformed a young woman from time stopping goddess to has-been wreck, forever and without chance for recovery.

The first bad choice has no noticeable effect. All temporary relations appear to remain the same, so one has no reason to consider that value is being quickly and senselessly destroyed. Perhaps they imagine being impervious to self-destruction? Was the warned harm overhyped? What does a lack of standards matter anyway? Or one more bad choice? Soon laziness becomes non-effort as a rule, and then preference for bad results becomes dominant. Hangers-on sense their coming opportunity and say nothing to arrest momentum that favors them, these good friends somewhere between enablers and self-interested drug dealers.

What spurred the filthiest desire just a few seasons ago now produces at most recollection of what she was and how that inspired a torrential desire she can no longer produce, but mostly her appearance provokes nothing at all. The fierce enchantment has been lost, replaced by the emptiness of seeing her without the powerful lures she once held. However long was her career as temptress and heart breaker, never again will anyone dream of having her affection.

There's no way to pursue when there's no interest, and no point to pretending. You would have once annexed countless nations against their will for a night of pillaging her treasures, and now she could not pay you enough for the bother.

All things live in transition; constancy is an illusion for the ignorant. We must chart our course away from what is quickly collapsing, toward the goals and essence we seek.

December 25, 2012


On the left is Mary, praiseworthy for her innocence of all worldly events. She holds her child in her arms, made pregnant not by Joseph, but by some blameless mysterious circumstance brought to the attention of village gossip and politely categorized as a miracle.

Joseph is on the right. The artist took liberties with crude stereotypes, depicting him as half Asiatic with sharp features suggesting a combination of numbness and passivity, as if all asians lust for opiatic diversions from reality. This is combined with exaggerated anti-Semitic tropes in his gestures and posture make him look neurotic, confused, and self-aggrandizing, a modern recreation spilling biases into events that lack historical basis.

In the middle is the savior, on a cross for his crimes of agitation and rabble rousing that provoked anarchy and disorder. Such judgment is so old-fashioned and rubs us the wrong way. We are rich now and have even more disgust for those who structure systems for effects, our tastes finding interest and entertainment in disorganization, dysfunction, messes, noise, disturbance, and war against leadership. We look up to him as a hero and rebel against the system, a first Che Guevara or Charles Manson. We gather to praise his efforts and pledge to continue his cause.

Today we unify in spirit all underdogs and likely failures. Praise be to the homeless, the handicapped, single mothers, drug addicts, the obese, dropouts, and welfare queens. We are all brothers and sisters equal in ability and value, especially when we band together to overthrow everything others create that we can't partake in, seeing that it keeps us down and excludes us through its implicit standards.

Tales are locked into tracks of a time and place long gone, like a drunken bum muttering about the apocalypse or the strains of Vietnam. The priest tastes the fermented blood, an opening stream of warm intoxication awakening that familiar feel, and sets to his rote lesson about sheep herders in the Middle East.

No one in the room is related to the tribe of Abraham, or has their inherent problems, yet we are told their struggles and personal solutions. Lacking refrigerators 2000 years ago to prevent spoilage, they prohibited pork. Lacking instincts of decent humans, they had to write laws to ban stealing, murder, and other impositions. The Tanakh is a confession of an inner failing, embarrassingly made public because it was thought by its believers to be universal instead of strange proof of tribal defects.

The priest continues onward telling about historical problems of Jerusalem, Syria, and people born in barns, while the crowd nods half-asleep, present out of duty and habit, so tuned out they don't erupt in laughter at the ridiculous stories and utter irrelevance. A senile uncle reeking of bad whiskey has more substance in his slurred rambling.

Despite the effort to construct a holy space, and the years of study the priest has undertaken, no one in the room is familiar with God. No part of the service comes remotely close to stirring the essential aspects of spirituality for which religions were created. Anyone spiritual will need to find the embers themselves, as they continue burning unseen by most, keeping many warm but hidden from clear sight to protect them from the extinguishing instincts of the envious.

November 26, 2012

Rupt: past participle from Latin rumpere (to break, to burst)

Disrupt - dis (to break *apart*)
Corrupt - cor (to break *altogether*)
Interrupt - inter (to break *continuity*)

In English speaking countries, almost everyone is illiterate, crudely stumbling around a language they barely understand. Pictures, grunts, and fragmented utterances suffice for most communication. Language persists in a rough echo framework of phrase mimicry adhering to popular usage, free from ideas and reality.

In Egalitaria, good is equal to bad. Why bother to communicate the best verbal approximation of an idea when you could just say what's expected? This society teaches that it is better to be silent or dishonest than to offend with truth, and its fruits show it.

You would have to discover language if you ever had something worth saying.

November 25, 2012

Horrible Racist

We still do not yet know where the drive for truth comes from. For so far we have heard only of the duty which society imposes in order to exist: to be truthful means to employ the usual metaphors. Thus, to express it morally, this is the duty to lie according to a fixed convention, to lie with the herd and in a manner binding upon everyone.

Almost no one called a racist actually is one. It's deliberate slander used to win an argument by bluff and bluster. In the rules of winning moral arguments, one must never be a racist, or interested in having the best outcomes rather than equal outcomes, or afraid of the "difference" of another (almost always trivial traits never registering interest anyway).

The attacked must constantly prove they are shining examples of moral secular Christianity interested in saving orphans, the disabled, the reckless, the irresponsible, and the generally hopeless -- the perpetual black hole underdogs who will become the future and grow into dominance not just in focus, but quantity, because the well constituted are no longer the goal of humanity. This alternative, supported by the possibility of mass votes, is to achieve victory by bulk, no matter how much degradation is needed to achieve a suitable landscape.

So long as sensibility is kept away, these are all good ways to win.

November 16, 2012

Somewhat Expendable Youth

At opera, ballet, and orchestral performances, the audience consists mostly of the decrepit, a huge joke on the stirrings of artistic passions. Some attempt to explain this by saying the elderly have time and spare money, but so does youth, only they spend it on drinking and empty diversions.

The decrepit are foolish for waiting so long to pursue what is best. Youth is worse because they do not even aspire to know it.

November 15, 2012


Youth is propulsion by a bursting force. Usually by accident, youth stumbles across art, philosophy, and love, and becomes allured into exploring their substance and where their mysteries lead.

Only later can this force be steered, now reduced in explosivity, and careful about what lurks behind corners. It becomes useful in its lost innocence, the blinding idealism and high expectations replaced with plain acceptance of how things are. Everything is still possible, only realization follows saying it is unlikely, as anything outside the individual depends on other people, and they aspire to little and have their curiosity sated and numbed with cheap amusing products.

Bergman found the end whimper a peaceful arrangement. If life is intrinsically tied to the spirit of aspiration, and one no longer feels this pressing urge, would not any competent psychological doctor pronounce the patient dead?

In decline toward closure, the cancer grows, becoming more painful and undeniable, the coming close more apparent. What should you do with your final precious time? You can only do the same as you have done, as you were always free to do, and remain directed toward. Nothing has changed, except the illusion that you would choose differently has been shattered.

October 26, 2012

Unconscientious Non-objectors

When measuring our morality, should we make excuses for those who are just following orders and offer them the sweet compassion of forgetting? Apologists say these foot soldiers are forced to obey a miserable situation that compels them to perform wickedness without the possibility to fight back, quit, sabotage, or target a counterattack against those commanding depravity.

Under this line of reasoning, telemarketers calling the same number a dozen times a day are faultless. They are innocent employees instructed to annoy for profit and reluctantly report to their job each day as a last resort. They know their actions disturb and torment with persistently stupid sales messages that prey upon the stupid and senile, yet they claim to be obliged to loyally carry out their attacks.

As cosmic agents of justice, each of us can turn the tables and shoot back at the gremlins assaulting us. We can make them unsure their attacks will work, uncomfortable and off balance in their predation, and thus less likely to continue their malicious partnership down a hopeless path.

Accordingly, we strike back at the pernicious, or at least poke, jab, push, choke, and fight with any weapon at hand. That is better than tolerating harm and seeking to accept, understand, and cooperate with agents of evil.

October 22, 2012

You're a Superstar

Sweet flattery was all that was left after we banned reality. Critical comments were prohibited because they hurt feelings and had a nasty habit of mentioning truths we wish to deny and conceal, savagely exposing precious ideologies and doctrines as false. We made up lies and created an environment that demanded these be repeated as articles of faith and enlightenment, smothering honesty for the cohesive sake of affirmed collective delusion.

We built a grand monument for egalitarianism. Everyone was special and above average, part of the greatest people ever, and yet the culture was too barren to produce anything outlasting disposable distraction. This foundation of fraud offers a promise of eventual relief, for thorough rot grows increasingly exposed until it tears itself asunder.

Our schools taught that success was promised for showing up, a partial truth because many people were too depressed, overdrugged, and burnt out to even bother showing up, and the basic functions of society had to be filled by someone even if it was a low ability skeleton crew unable to do what was easy for previous generations. But if a few people showed up who had put themselves together with a little discipline, were born with talent, and had worked to develop their gifts -- the rest would be impossibly outclassed, yet lazily expected to be praised as exceptional for existing.

They preached an unfocused random love for everything as disguised praise for mediocrity. Just as utilitarianism proposes to please the greatest mass by blindly appealing to their whims, its sister egalitarianism opposes aspiration, considered judgment, and all aspects of quality, seeking the largest number of average instances possible rather than the finest and most developed examples. It is a loser's mentality that believes it could never reach the best, so denies that greatness is attainable, despite all historical examples, and counter proposes a non-aspirational approach in its place.

Settling for mediocrity is quickly debunked by looking at plentiful examples of what others have done. It remains within human potential to achieve great creations and reach great heights in all areas, but merely showing up isn't a laudatory act so long as others are steadily working toward and achieving results. You'd have to poison their spirits by praising the inane in place of the excellent, and urge them to drop out for hedonism instead of living in pursuit of high goals, tastes, and standards.

Those seeking tolerance for degradation and a trophy for being marked present should be laughed out of every crowd for their sham and gall.

October 19, 2012

Upon Awakening

Fresh spirit seeks opportunity everywhere, spotting error and incongruity as separation from natural beauty. We were as if dead for hours in our nightly sleep, but now face the day alive to set about our purpose, finding ease in judgment and tasks that choose us to fulfill them.

Clarity is a type of simplicity reached by an understanding of actors, motion, and their cyclical ecosystem. We find joy in this self-revealing system, making no false assumptions and plainly accepting from experience that everything is exactly what it is and does what it must.

The confused and evasive seek joy in Rube Goldberg designs out of preference for unnecessary complexity that obscures reality and blockades function by delayed collapse. But even some scientists eventually realize that good solutions tend to be elegant, just as nature's design is and modernity's self-struggling chaos is not.

Simplicity with depth is a common organic fractal design. In spring new life emerges full of possibility, expanding in summer, contracting in fall, and slumbering in winter before emerging again in spring, ad infinitum.

October 11, 2012

Dimensional Alternatives

If you want to hide truths and push an agenda, you'll need to keep your audience in blinders so they can't see what came before the present system or take note of superior results others are currently enjoying elsewhere. Elegance typically marries simplicity, obviating theoretical arguments, imagined worlds, or proposed innovations, because we already have plenty of working examples at hand. Let's study, copy, or steal what is known to work or see what has to be changed to produce conditions for similar results.

To deny simplicity in favor of complex knot tying suggests a lack of desire for good outcomes. Worse is to make excuses and attempt to obscure, which one would only do if incompetent or seeking to gain power from degradation by causing increased urgency and dependence, making it a sweet teat to suckle until trust is ended by abuse.

Scapegoating buys a little time, but is dangerous as a sustained plan because it invests in blaming the past and present with conspiracy claims and cartoonish villainization. Over time, this technique hints that those in charge are too stupid to form goals and coherent plans, and incapable of addressing causative factors of the initial difficulties.

When a simple formula for success is replaced by the progress of a very complicated and expensive failure, you are being asked to feign complete memory loss and general ignorance that others are easily achieving success with tried and true methods.

October 5, 2012

Drama Precludes Results

You can't teach a principle to someone lacking interest, no matter how evocative and adroitly demonstrated. We timeless ones who know our way might sometimes think we are here solely to teach and show, but we are only fools if we attempt to instruct those who will never care for the substance of our lessons.

This consideration does not leave us empty handed, but rather challenges us for the proper course of situational action. Must we always teach? Shouting truths to the unlistening changes nothing. We could approach differently so that rather than speaking unheard words, we set a course of corrective action in motion toward a desirable outcome. In this way we achieve a principle without wasting effort battling non-sentience.

Part of our wealth is having an endless arsenal, and we should use it wisely by whatever means available to achieve necessary results.

September 6, 2012

I Know Who You Are

The first question to determine of another spirit: what are you pursuing? For this at once dispels all hedonists, individualists, and other lost souls.

Do we want it good? Bad? Boring? Incredible and forever memorable? Or defer decision and let inertia stall into nothingness?

Greatness is its own reward and needs no justification. We have and make it whatever we want through desire, belief, and action, and once you have seen what it can be, awareness fuels continuity.

In youth they were so vivid, then half are zombies by 20, and by 25 nearly all have dropped out of life, tired and skeptical of attempting.

This is only resignation and comfortable cowering, not a reflection of anything real. We affirm the greatness we have experienced and can have again, so long as we agree on mutual destinations.

It is within my power and destiny to make myself better as well as you, but you must dare rather than resist, and resistance too can be easily wrecked.

Once you realize the implications of choice, you will be at first hostile towards and then dismissive of everyone who makes no attempt and wallows in the consequences of disharmony with their pretentious ideals.

September 5, 2012

The Devil May Not Care

Fantasy and ready-made images tempt the irresistable headlong pursuit of demise. Whatever the proposed plan of action, it is not even supposed to work, and who today really wants a good result when they can easily imagine themselves special and separate from the eternal truth of the universe?

With a whimper, not a bang, progressing into hovels por todos, a perfect stagnating growth of equality blockading anyone with ambition greater than consuming sugar and entertainment products.

Satan Laugh as you Eternally Rot The individualistic worldview detaches from and dismisses consequences, ensuring surprise after realizing ego has drawn the noose. It desires the illusion of happiness, and will never reach satisfaction while aware of lasting misery.

What if there is a devil, but he merely leaves people alone to their own devices, taking no interest in dispelling their illusions, lies, and self-deception? In that sense, the devil is the individual proudly touting ignorance enthroned as enlightenment, the driving force of innocent wickedness towards oneself and the world.

Older traditions tell us not about literal devils, but forces of nature used as metaphors.

1) Ignorance - Society is fragile, cooperation and ability are vital, and long view is essential, yet some behave in a way that ensures failure and spills out as a burden onto others. They see their quick advantage, then smash and grab, creating wreckage that others will have to clean up and replace. These devils and their thinking must be stopped and removed before they wreck the whole.

2) Temptation - Lucifer, light, possibility, everything the weak can't handle. Accuser, lord of light, from whom we must stay afar and warn others. Morning star, guide at dawn bringing a new day for stirring paths to allure.

3) Scapegoat - We cause ourselves harm and hardships, but from dishonesty and unawareness cannot trace its origins or accept correlations, thus we invent an external symbol to project upon so we can see ourselves.

When we look for a way forward, we have to remember past approaches and consider what is known to work. Our society no longer has a means of communicating wisdom, providing education, or warning against self-destruction. As society has grown too diverse to uphold these values (or agree on any at all), we can no longer expect others to care about what is sacred and essential to our notion of civilization, and must continue living as though the eternal was well known and revered by all.

Some thought Loki a devil, but he had honor and playfulness in his mischief.

September 1, 2012

Deny Unto Denial

His life LACKS ORDER but he claims that is a life of pleasure (561 d) Reality is oppressive because it forcibly demonstrates facts instead of yielding to our wishes. People hate it because it doesn't let anyone off the hook when they're wrong. How does one easily explain they didn't understand reality or undertake much consideration of their assumptions and goals because they were swayed to hastily conform to trendy beliefs?

Undisciplined humans are innately irrational and have cleverly invented many ways out of having to accept reality. We can create fictional worlds and talk about the "way things should be", arguing in favor of these imaginary relations while casting blame on people stuck in reality.

Come join us in make believe land!

  • Everyone is equal in ability. Everyone is born healthy, smart, beautiful, tall, and talented. You are only less than that because of secret conspiracies against you by greedy successful people intent on keeping you down. This will be remedied by government intervention and reward in heaven.

  • Quality is not important or worth studying because we should consider all possibilities instead of merely selecting what is known to be best. What we call knowledge is just opinion, and perhaps there are many true opinions held by underdogs we can champion. The modern and disposable lacks substance but is new and appeals to more people than timeless works and eternal truths.

  • Ideas, structures, and policies that sound good but don't work would actually be the best ever, but are being undermined by secret conspiracies and naysayers who point out they are incoherent, baseless, and irrational. This can be remedied by educational indoctrination, witch-hunts, censorship of critical analysis, revenge against people expressing unpopular viewpoints, getting people fired from their jobs, and promoting the new viewpoint as youthful, positive, and trendy. If enough people profess belief, they will become true and binding.

  • History tells us something, which we will only selectively accept, but we shouldn't believe in patterns because our slight rearrangement of the same thing combined with our good intentions will surely produce an entirely different outcome. We are comfortable discarding history, including the structures and relationships that provided the best results. We are likely to get even better results by trying something untested with no basis for expecting positive outcomes, except that we hope to get them because of magic, hope, and love.

  • Everyone has to change to accommodate what we want, even if there is no reason and at least a modest loss is guaranteed for them. We are creating progress by making things worse and increasingly dysfunctional, eroding the core of civilization for the benefit of having our beliefs dominate everyone's lives. They must tolerate what we impose upon them. You will thank us one day because we wrecked everything that was once good and gave you shambles for not speaking out or resisting.

  • What happens in the real world is not important because we are interested in higher goals, such as the unreal world, imaginary world, and promised world. We know we are right, though mere mortals will never be able to see or know it, but we are sure because we are doing the work of the sacred and holy, which is also why we should not be questioned. Those who question are blasphemers and ignorant savages needing more education and obedience.

  • Nature and the lessons of history need to be tampered with, but you cannot judge what we do because we are special people exempt from criticism. We need no evidence, theory, data, or analysis, and should be praised as generous geniuses despite the harm of our actions.

These are a good starting point for justifying irrational actions against your fellow citizens who are too simple and uneducated to understand why their societies should be wrecked for the sake of maintaining delusions and illogical beliefs.

August 31, 2012


We drink alcohol and eat sugar to ritually say "We are so healthy and fit, let us dabble with poison and enjoy how it is blunted by our surplus."

Toward celebrations generally: "Our position and future is so certain and assured, let us frivolously burn a day or two because we can afford it." So joyful, but perhaps one is not as rich as imagined and boasted.

The older idea of celebrations was to provide a short-term goal, e.g. a monthly festival was a pretense for harvesting crops and preparing food for the village.

We now lack goals, but repeat rituals.

August 30, 2012


For the future: class action lawsuits, settled by insurance payouts for delays caused by car accidents. For some people, free time remains valuable and not something to be thrown away in a stupor.

August 22, 2012

Education for Error

Schopenhauer was not just a clear headed thinker, but also had a big heart and wished to spare humanity of the time and effort typically spent in long repetition of perpetual error, misunderstandings, miseducation, popular fables, willful self-deception, and institutional ignorance praised as wisdom. He instructed:

Instead of developing the child's own faculties of discernment, and teaching it to judge and think for itself, the teacher uses all his energies to stuff its head full of the ready-made thoughts of other people. The mistaken views of life, which spring from a false application of general ideas, have afterwards to be corrected by long years of experience; and it is seldom that they are wholly corrected. This is why so few men of learning are possessed of common-sense, such as is often to be met with in people who have had no instruction at all.
No child under the age of fifteen should receive instruction in subjects which may possibly be the vehicle of serious error, such as philosophy, religion, or any other branch of knowledge where it is necessary to take large views; because wrong notions imbibed early can seldom be rooted out, and of all the intellectual faculties, judgment is the last to arrive at maturity. The child should give its attention either to subjects where no error is possible at all, such as mathematics, or to those in which there is no particular danger in making a mistake, such as languages, natural science, history and so on. And in general, the branches of knowledge which are to be studied at any period of life should be such as the mind is equal to at that period and can perfectly understand. Childhood and youth form the time for collecting materials, for getting a special and thorough knowledge of the individual and particular things. In those years it is too early to form views on a large scale; and ultimate explanations must be put off to a later date. The faculty of judgment, which cannot come into play without mature experience, should be left to itself; and care should be taken not to anticipate its action by inculcating prejudice, which will paralyze it for ever.
[On Education, Studies in Pessimism]
Academics eventually get around to discovering what greater minds knew long ago. Because academia is no longer concerned with awareness of what is already known, but rather attempts to create "unique" publications for the benefit of the academic's career, the past is effectively severed and all previous works, especially the best, are in essence destroyed for the sake of deliberate ignorance that allow the academic to attempt baby steps of no consequence while past knowledge is lazily discarded.
According to a recent paper by Andrew Shtulman and Joshua Valcarcel, however, we may not be able to replace old ideas with new ones so cleanly. Although science as a field discards theories that are wrong or lacking, Shtulman and Valcarcels work suggests that individuals -- even scientifically literate ones ones -- tend to hang on to their early, unschooled, and often wrong theories about the natural world. Even long after we learn that these intuitions have no scientific support, they can still subtly persist and influence our thought process. Like old habits, old concepts seem to die hard.
[Scientific American]

This destruction of education is merely modern and is not necessary, unless it is tolerated.

August 11, 2012


Every opinion is made vital, to be voiced loudly and firmly whether right or wrong. This echoes the bad consciousness that created the present calamities in a feedback cycle locking in more of the same.

Caught in the swirling vortex, those seeking a way out search for a separate path away from the madness. A lack of interest allows gentle passing through by remaining calm and unflattered.

After some time in this society and finding it futile to teach essential principles or fine points, or even direct people to known answers, one sometimes finds solution through disengagement.

Surveying and consideration leads to the conclusion that most people have insufficient ability to do what previous generations did, too little to even keep together what their ancestors built (society, infrastructure, culture). Thus it is certain to degrade further until fail, and the efforts of the incapable amount only to throwing away good time and resources as they flail about and wildly cast blame, in ignorance of the situation and the reasons for its failing.

This spectacle forces the aware to drop out from participation, as they have allegiance to eternal concepts that will emerge standing when all unproven theories and attempts finally exhaust themselves and their advocates.

July 19, 2012

Unreasonable Reason

We became scientific in a blockheaded way, rigid and rule based instead of intuitive and flowing. We forgot how to sense and know by reflection, relying on formulas and road maps so everyone could be taught to emulate what is natural in the well formed. The barren spirit faked having a mind when the instinct of his gut had been silenced and nullified by domestication.

Science was true in a sense, or at least theoretically could be, but anyone could fabricate experiments, data, and conclusions as proof for almost any desired outcome, depending on the motives of whoever was paying. It was not cheap, and everyone funding scientific outcomes had something they wanted, especially companies pushing experimental substances onto consumers that did not want to know the adverse long-term consequences.

integrity and other empty words Universities were retasked with the mission of giving out degrees to every paying customer, so made youth into robots with artificial intelligence faking their way through diluted material they couldn't understand. This in turn made art off limits to the newly educated because the metaphors and parables of the past were not sufficiently linear, concrete, material, and literal for moderns. Who could any longer make sense of literature, music, theater, opera, or philosophy when none of these could make irrefutable objective claims or offer sterile mathematical proofs? Everything had to be made smaller and more obvious, free of subtleties and expectations of living experience.

God was a ridiculous concept, as were specters, souls, love, passion, premonition, will, eternity, aspiration, and any notion of transcendence. "Give me something provable I can read about in a grade school textbook," insisted the recyclable man.

Accordingly, the world was denied, bifurcated into the insignificant but absolute (an endless wasteland of petty Huxlian frivolities), and the pulsing but unmeasurable river of life that the two dimensional stickman could not get his fingers around and consequently rejected as uncertain and unknown.

"Much learning does not teach understanding."
- Heraclitus

No longer grasping situations and relations by looking and living, but struggling to assess, measure, and relate with the world. As the observer assumed himself perfect and the world flawed, he decides he lacks only a sufficiently complex system and scheme, though the matter at hand is usually trivial and plain to anyone unburdened by an education. His approach is faulty and inevitably fails, at which point he explodes with blame at all who do not acknowledge his innocent cleverness that promises enlightenment one day soon when nature and reality bend to match his delusions.

It would be hard for this generation. Perhaps they had learned the wrong things? Yet they had a degree in hand, even if life was for some reason difficult and seemed to require the strain of a furrowed brow and intoxicants.

They had forgotten the lessons of their childhood and what all animals already knew.

July 13, 2012

How to Stop Everything Great

Thoughts occupy the mind with little reminders about what is possible and what should be done. These tempting possibilities drift around for play until we can organize them for clarity, sometimes taking an instant to so put in order, sometimes years.

Some people hate thoughts and action, arranging their lives to strangle them in the womb.

They murder not only with entertainment and drugs, but entire categories of habit. Regularity is the enemy of possibility and life. Its brother is interruption, the imposition of one person's needs on another so as to channel their time and other resources for personal gain. With a schedule of duties accompanied by random interruptions, nothing great will ever happen.

June 17, 2012

The World is a Magical Ark

Noah's Ark is Magic All you need is a little magic and a fairy tale. Cram all the wild animals together, dissimilar in character and needs, predators and prey alike forced to mix, mingle, and mate without space to be among their own.

Imagine with all your might that the aggressive will not strike out at others, that the threatened will not retaliate against those who threaten them, and that the aggressed can be trained into tolerance, even embracing their aggressors as a gift to be thankful for.

Nor will these wonderful creatures produce voluminous malodorous waste while consuming precious quantities of food, but will be considered a welcome addition to tenuous living conditions.

Beasts of prey will no longer hunt, but alternately become vegetarians or fast for transcendent religious reasons.

The laws and rhythms of nature, constant throughout the ages, will become frozen in anti-nature, shining a beam of placid paralyzed peace where nothing happens and all energy and spirit is suspended by a narcotic stupor. Danger, fragility, and discord are no longer perceived. Purpose is replaced by merely being, and days are filled by sitting, staring at, and gossipping about other pacified livestock.

Aspiration is gone and instinct broken, filled by the promise that nature has been ruined equally for all and has been made off-limits to everyone. This equality strives to separate all from the meaning of life, offering happiness in the enlightened vision of everyone losing identically. The weak are not left behind, nor are the healthy permitted to go farther.

Nothing remains exceptional or strong, only average at best, but mostly disabled and empty. The religious and secular work in union, having always believed the same things about life, nature, and civilization, except one worships an imaginary god in the sky, but otherwise they are aligned for this progressive utopia.

To have a good result in any of these circumstances would be a miracle. To expect it when all of these are in motion is a fairy tale for the ages.

June 16, 2012

Patience of a Saint

Oppi Fjellet Crisis management demands the skills of a doctor with an assuring bedside manner. First you must immobilize the client -- their instincts are wrong and created the situation you were hired to fix. Any further reactions will only exacerbate the damage. They know they are in deep over their heads, so their wants must be stopped and substituted by wise counsel that will instead choose to do what is known to work.

There is almost nothing new in the world. We have hundreds of examples for almost every situation, if not millions, so outcomes can be easily matched with approaches, allowing desired situations to be studied and replicated. Few have the discipline or attention spans to do this, often giving up quickly or happily failing after a token effort, creating a large market for "experts" who are basically just normal people able to think and assess before acting, and have accumulated experience by retaining awareness while taking action.

The situation was bleak and everything that could have been done wrong had. There was not much to salvage and the approach was so botched that counseling was needed in preparation for future incidents, ambitiously attempting a mild intervention to provoke psychological realignment with reality.

In a private workshop, I used my most careful academic tone, enumerating the mistakes, explaining the context and conditions of each error, describing simple approaches to attain positive outcomes and how to utilize organization and strategy for success. Navigating out of a crisis is expensive, laborious, and grinding, like salvaging a boat that has run aground and capsized. Leadership and awareness are rare, but it is so much easier when someone in charge can foresee a bad situation developing and steer away from impending disaster.

Who could care much about doing anything right when blame and wild unfalsifiable theories suffice as excuses? "I'm not interested in next time -- I'm trying to solve the present crisis!" he screamed at me, the man's spirit exhausted, beaten, and distracted.

And he was right to focus on something, except the present crisis had become a dead horse from lack of concern for details. Even if this crisis could be saved and set right, the failure of general situational awareness made certain the next one just a matter of time.

June 15, 2012

Health Insurance

Obese is the new black In the United States, you can buy a good health insurance plan for about $100/month. Some politicians have argued that everyone should be required to do so, so all are spared of dysfunctional living and more important issues can be addressed.

Some young people say they can't afford the expense of health insurance, and after all, it seems to offer little value if you rarely use it and would rather not have to consider situations that require visiting a doctor. After they turn down the volume on their giant flat screen televisions and close their laptops, they will tell you it's an unfair expense that should be free, meaning paid by other people.

Meanwhile, most of them are paying:

  • $100/month on cable to forget reality, prevent thinking, and take up time
  • $100+/month on junk food, fast food, soda, and cigarettes, making them both poorer and sickly
  • $70/month on cell phones, mostly to communicate fragmented babbling
  • $100/weekend on overpriced drinks, to help avoid goals and desires
And there is always money for the latest video game or movie. Concern for health -- what's that?

For those who need the nanny state, taxes on sugar and fat consumption could be imposed on consumption and put in escrow to pay for the health damage that is certain to follow.

When responsible people are given the bill for the irresponsible, we tacitly endorse irresponsible behavior and regress to equality of the lowest.

June 14, 2012

Entertainment or Culture?

So directionless and illiterate we watch moronic stupidity instead of doing something interesting When bored and suffering from free time and a lack of interests, entertainment offers a predictable product to consume. Let it take you away to a fantasy world of hilarious formulaic situational comedies or wild adventures with explosions and violence. Maybe even saccharine sweet romance unlike anything anyone will ever experience. Things happen on the screen that never do in actual world. Take them in as ideas and truths, resolving situations with magic perfectly each time. Empty promises and falsity are ready to fill your consciousness.

Entertainment is cheap amusement like junk food is to real food. It imparts no wisdom, is disconnected from timeless meaning, and has a purposeless existence -- created only to make money, and then can be thrown away.

A society could have cultural standards consisting of creations of great insight, artistic conception, and articulate emotional expression, or go ghetto stripmall and offer yet another hack product from an industry force-feeding contentless junk and promoting it as profound and important, making trite diversions the new standard, to the sole benefit of the entertainment industry.

Selling soda and cigarettes is legal in most countries, and though harmful, skilled marketers can get people to purchase superfluous products that have no benefit and promise decline.

Great literature, music, philosophy, and intellectual standards used to dominate for hundreds of years until just two generations ago. Would you rather have something good that will inspire and stimulate for centuries, each time opening exploration that goes farther and deeper, or another product that takes up valuable time and will be forgotten as soon as it is consumed?

You will never have a great society if no one is familiar with great works and only has references to vapid television shows and movies. Simplistic music as an end point only pacifies minds and spirits, and a lack of skilled art means still more waiting until we can have living artists among us.

But if a society wants to once again share accumulated wisdom, common goals, and sensible aspirations, they're going to need a healthy culture -- requiring an approach not based on a menu and diet of empty calories.

June 3, 2012

Obsoleting Reality

We killed God and mock modern religions, but the urge for superstition remains unabated and now unsatisfied, so we invented "progress" as a surrogate and soon thereafter supporting doctrine as self-referential proof that its perfection is imminent. We then created tension, purpose, and deniability by claiming we must first convince and convert the unenlightened so they too can partake in the blissful utopia we have been blessed to imagine.

To get there, we first demonstrate tolerance for everything, regardless of its value (positive or negative) or outcome (constructive or destructive). More of everything, indiscriminately! We deny distinction, insisting that all things and events be considered equal, for no man on earth to judge, measure, or consider, and all difference is merely appearance because as we already said all essence is identical (also so boring and soulless it is not worth noticing), and anything unequal is the result of bias or a secret conspiracy we somehow have pierced with magical eagle eyes.

One then has to practice allegiance to deliberate ignorance and disavow ascertainment of imminent consequences as well as conditions established several steps ahead. From the concrete to the obvious, one must go blank and dumb in order to make the simplest process of life into a mystery, or at least an uncertain possibility despite statistical tables easily available in the information age. But one has also denied oneself access to the greater natural mysteries and appreciation of life's intricacies by prohibiting concepts like difference, tendency, value, rarity, and scale.

Ever in need of wonders, they deny the world so they can dwell in the unknown and call the known unknowable. They are the most brilliant and well trained of all idiots.

Small steps of coercion and progress replace wise men and insightful teachings with popular frauds, idiots, charlatans, appealing lies, and nonsense. This in turn becomes our cultural currency and benchmark of education as the standards that bore civilization are replaced by rotten veneers, considered not only equal, but superior because more people enjoy their message of inclusion and praise for existing.

This fun make believe world spills into real life, demanding compliance to a misinterpretation of reality. Doctrinal police check that one obeys standards for being progressive, tolerant, open-minded, and properly educated, and abstains from noticing or reacting to fundamental errors of faith.

Belief triumphs over information and critical thinking, while arrogant high self-esteem idiots clamor about maximizing freedom, making everything identical to democratic blockhead standards of the average, castrating culture under the premise that these changes will make people happy and have no negative effect. If you like third-world dysfunction and a sterile society, it's great!

We are left to shout at the proselytizers that they check their math and measure reality rather than imaginary relations, a demand they cannot seriously consider while remaining devout to their absurd new religion.

May 15, 2012

Sweet Death

The summer drought cut dry, choking out vegetation as green withered to pale brown. Death throes clarify transcendence and stimulate pragmatic finality.

Civilizations are defined by how their best works demonstrate peak human potential, and their finest efforts often appear just as death is overtaking the whole. A generation follows, continuing as if the last breath didn't yet happen, and often produces as it must, like an aftershock, but then art and philosophy rest idle without any force able to spur them, and then the civilization's death is undeniable.

We recall Western Civilization still alive in the 19th century, when in a short span lived Goethe, Beethoven, Schopenhauer, Wagner, and Nietzsche before utter silence fell. Spengler popularized the collapse and Nietzsche knew he was already living in an exhausted period. Today we avoid the implication of our impotence and ended civilization by praising imaginary progress as we dig ourselves deeper into misery, failure, and disharmony, and still no great art or philosophy has appeared for a century, and a previous spirit of vitality is clearly lacking, a barren signal that the end has long arrived.

The apple tree shriveled as it parched under the oppressive sun. It sensed quite correctly this would be its last season and there was no reason to hold back anything. The tree would perish, at least in its current form, so it summoned all the glucose stored within to put into its children, the conditions of death making for the sweetest fruits.

The greatest sweetness preludes death, an anomaly that is not intended to be sustained. "This is over, may a different way come another day."

Tempting fruit is a calculated last effort gambit, not a free gift or lucky coincidence. Life must go on, so reasons the tree. With its final gasp, it manipulates all seducible creatures with the tastiest lure, so they take and feast inadvertently, and inevitably spread seeds throughout the ground to give the largest chance of the tree's genetic expression rising again like a reborn phoenix.

We see that after all the pretense, praise, and phony selflessness, all life works for advantage and propagation, coercing others and commandeering them when beneficial. In bleak times, we should be more aware of deathly schemes.

May 14, 2012

Taking Back

First we take back the rainbow. It belongs to everyone and isn't a political banner.

Then we take back primacy in artistic tastes and standards. Heterosexual males created and have a long history of enjoying ballet, symphonies, opera, art films, and other peak cultural creations. Today's male is an artistic midget, grasping nothing more subtle than Rammstein. Great art belongs to heterosexuals also, and standards should be restored to their heights rather than cut short to fit consumable products.

All excellence should follow likewise: fashionable clothing, good food, interior design, interesting conversation, care for nuance, passion, personality, and developed style. Gay people are only 1-2% of the population yet dominate areas of superiority that once belonged to all cultivated people. The cultivated must reclaim these essential arts again and reject the modern idea that the rest must live as barbaric peasants made comfortable with a poverty of spirit.

Cultivation is an inheritance. Parents bestow their wisdom while introducing their best life findings, and one should also explore and become fluent in high culture and good taste. These once belonged to us and thus we shall learn to have them again.

May 12, 2012

And Civilization, If Everyone Behaves This Way?

One is tempted to write off Russians as self-caused sufferers of delusion and destruction, not only for being the champions of communism and hopelessly attempting to force equality and mediocrity on all unable to escape the empire. Stalin and Lenin were by no means unique in Russian tradition, a problem captured by works such as Puskin's Boris Godunov (1831) and Gogol's The Government Inspector (1842) trying to warn their countrymen by showing how bad tendencies doomed the entire society for the next several centuries.

The same sickness is psychologically harmonious with a lifelong vodka haze: utter disregard for consequences in favor of the moment's poisoned beliefs about reality, with tolerance of corruption sustained by violence against non-believers. This societal structure attempts to steal from itself, with value frittered away through lying, cheating, negativity, endless pits, fraud, and devotion to illusion. It was not a mistake that Dr. Lysenko won sainthood with his innovative and revolutionary discoveries.

"Evil men have no songs." How is it, then, that the Russians have songs?

It appears Russians have nothing in common with Europeans, until you find that their greatest artists and thinkers defy every tendency of their countrymen and share the same aspiration and awareness as all visionaries ever have. The brightness of their souls, daring honesty, and rich sensibilities -- as if transplanted by the cosmos as a gift of extraordinary perception intended to rehabilitate the whole or at least hold off total collapse.

No educational system studies great people or teaches how a person can cultivate superior traits and become better, yet a handful of exceptional people created all of civilization, their efforts outlasting death and even previous civilizations long gone. If we change our role models and cultural expectations from the contemporary to those that are excellent and timelessly enduring, we could once again have a society that was meaningful and rewarding.

April 8, 2012

The Penis Is Innocent

Schopenhauer did his best to warn us that sloppy approximations, frauds, and half-truths become our shared wisdom, and are rarely examined or questioned.

[T]here exists certain universally popular and firmly accredited errors which countless numbers contentedly repeat every day.
* * *
Most of these are repeated parrot fashion without much thought being given to them and merely because when people first heard them said they found them very wise-sounding.
Moderns correctly attribute man's creativity, vitality, and motivations to his sexual force, and then immediately mistake its location, thinking the penis as an independent primary actor rather than an innocent delivery agent and subordinate member of the fulfillment staff.

Previous generations had contact with nature and did not make this anatomical mistake, nor does any male who has bothered to pay attention to the actual source of this potent vigor.

The penis is just a worker following orders, at most a large and highly visible mid-level manager, typically a working stiff front man facilitating delivery plans on behalf of virile strategic executive initiatives. From a central encapsulated office, the testicles productively pump an endless pulsing energy that surges and drives everything before it, ultimately acting upon and propelling the entire world in its mission to spread seed.

Man schemes in vain to design a perpetual motion machine, yet he has his own organic factory from which all his efforts are born and to which his life is grateful.

April 7, 2012


The Supreme Court decided that strip searches can be used for any purpose, including:

  • violating a leash law
  • driving without a license
  • failing to pay child support
Citing examples from briefs submitted to the Supreme Court, Justice Breyer wrote that people have been subjected to the humiliation of a visual strip search after being arrested for driving with a noisy muffler, failing to use a turn signal and riding a bicycle without an audible bell.

A nun was strip-searched, he wrote, after an arrest for trespassing during an antiwar demonstration.

Strip searches are needed by the system as a powerful threat. If an arrest was merely bureaucratic processing without the shock of physical violation, it would not cause citizens to fear the system they pay for. Prison rape is sustained for the same reason. Rather than treating molestation and rape as crimes or taking easy measures to prevent them, they are tolerated and used as punishment.
Currently in the United States, 1 in every 31 adult persons is either in jail or prison or on parole or probation. That amounts to 7.3 million Americans and a cost that exceeds $68 billion annually. This figure does not include juveniles accountable to the U.S. correction system.
Public policy outcomes are very deliberate. When brutal consequences persist for decades and are an anomaly compared to the civilized parts of the world, leaders are making choices for reasons they think are good and at a cost they are willing to foist upon the public.

April 6, 2012

Thinking is Cheap

Almost nothing regarding humanity is an intellectual problem. We know everything relevant or can instantly devise it at the moment needed, so long as we are not allegiant to political, religious, or social ideologies, but instead revere reality as our one true god.

Our situations and opportunities are not complicated, except in how we make them so. We fall into numbing soul killing routines out of comfortable duty, stacking contingencies upon old suppositions that long ago turned false, yet somehow invoke loyalty that prevents a sensibly fleeing to the wild and fresh air.

Fractured trust instills hesitation, then brief windows close during long pauses of watching and thinking. No great thoughts come from this thinking, and no productive action. How rich you were before thinking!

During the day we wear costumes and acknowledge closed windows, but by the moon's light, crowbars and battering rams provide forceful access that smash past false barriers.

So few barriers truly stand, so few limits really limiting. If there is need, or even desire, there is a way. You should not be thinking about doing so much as assuming you can take victorious action, and then considering whether you want to keep the consequences of winning what you think you desire.

April 4, 2012

The Eyes Have It

One must create their own conditions of excellence, formed like a sculpted athlete carrying nothing unnecessary on his frame. We brew magic, not with illusions of appearance, but undeniable substance that strikes viscerally, creeps into dreams, and makes earthly union too tempting to deny.

Weapons and danger everywhere. Lightning and fire illuminate the night skies. Sunrise tempts with fresh open promise and growing warmth.

She glimpses the sight before her, sensing its essence, yet testing it frequently to be certain, and remains still as he approaches, finally melting as he greets her with a firm embrace and passionate kiss. Could this all be real? It seems to be, and how he eclipses her boyfriend!

Her senses overwhelmed and already moist, she feigns calm despite awareness that she is being swept away.

She wants most of all to lose control and be taken to glorious new heights by these torrid storms that toss her about like a rag doll. Her eyes grow big and betray her predicament, and despite uttering words, nothing she expresses is as true or deep as what the rest of her says.

♫ Words are so very unnecessary... ♫
She trembles in awe after climax, stricken to her core by the mystical force overpowering every notion of control and restraint, having been vigorously pleasured into a quivering mess, something so simple fulfilling her beyond everything she ever wanted.

Stunned silent, she can only touch and stare at the physical manifestation who submerges her into this blissful maelstrom. All her armaments of thoughts, facts, judgments, feelings, and schemes vanish and leave her empty handed when she can only whimper joyfully in wonderment.

Language is a costumed procession hiding the reality of human relations, a facade needing to be disrupted by trust, desire, provocations, and risk to lay truth bare.

March 31, 2012


The worth of something includes what you are willing to lose for it. No assurances, no safety, complete acceptance of the possibility and suffering of loss, even if facing the likelihood of despair, misery, and desolation. No desire to reduce scope and impose bounds to prevent loss, but to let all go free no matter what happens, for everything is fine however it turns out.

We love artists because they are willing to lose everything in exchange for tasting everything, without hesitation spent on practical or personal concerns.

March 29, 2012


Our relations live or die with willfulness and willing. Poison them with doubt, reluctance, or indifference, and death from nothingness arrives.

We are not interested in cursing the darkness, so we steer away from the depressed and negative. Targets are clear in our sight and we aim to arrive. Saboteurs need not apply.

You wish to stall, hesitate, and put a damp towel on passion? Wherefore? And to seek safety among your eunuchs!

Marvels everywhere, yet few wish to taste them. With our rightful compagnons we go far, and nothing denies us its most intimate secrets.

March 26, 2012

Benefits of Feminism

  • Women no longer know how to cook, clean, or run a house, but these remain important so men have learned to master them and live better for the effort.
  • Though dating and marriage have been abolished, easy sex is abundant.
  • The destructive game of chicken that some dislike for its unnecessary squandering and catastrophic consequences is a valuable filter.
  • With wife and family no longer targets, neither are careers or work generally. Toward a new age of artistic and spiritual development instead of dutiful obedience, schedules, long hours of toil, and material struggle!
  • It provides a banner under which adherents can gather to be quickly identified and understood.
  • The grand experiment of dividing essential unity and still expecting civilization to continue functioning will result in the willful finding new paths around dysfunction, leaving experimenters with the mess of their glorious botch. It will be fun to play it out and see what happens.

March 24, 2012

Making a Good Thing

Let's say you want to construct a bridge. If you want it to function, you don't build it out of styrofoam, haphazardly put it on unstable ground, or indiscriminately set it on fire.

There are many types of bridges that work well throughout the world, and their essential and sustaining properties are easily discernible.

If you insist upon styrofoam, unstable ground, and fire, perhaps you don't really want a working bridge, but rather the self-victimized drama of poverty.

March 22, 2012

Celestial Union

We look at society with reluctant skepticism, uninterested in dysfunction, ignorance, amusement, obesity, wretchedness, senseless beatings, and defeat.

In truth, everything is easy. We inherit a long roadmap for living with prospering families, communities, institutions, and civilization. But now we are trendy, choosing to experiment with colossal failure, evading interventions and telling ourselves we are rich enough to lose everything and strong enough to give up this brutal habit whenever we decide to.

Nor are we the pessimists we appear to be. We can endure anything, but want no part of this soulless hellhole. As saving redemption, our great belief and experience in possibility edges out doubts about others and overcomes retreated reclusion. Freshly aware and unjaded, we welcome consequences as we fearlessly make our daring attempts.

We catch a glimpse: your face is so like mine, belonging together. We warm quickly and spark on touch, playful smiles feeling the chemistry pulse in one another before we've even said anything substantial, desire communicating beyond language. Smart, attractive, and soulful is all that's needed to power our perpetual motion machine.

No one loves nature unless they blossom with spring each year.

March 21, 2012

You Are Cruel To All The Others

Is it parasitic or somehow unfair to entice and steal someone's girlfriend? You know she is spoken for, yet you desire her, and it is within your powers to spin her loose and take her for your own.

"You'd probably get along really well with him too..."
She is no chattel, but a free actor open to all offers, even when already obliged under implied contract. If bored, aggrieved, or feeling slighted, she'll quickly scheme with her agent to survey options. She does not always act upon them, sometimes making the best of a disagreeable position until the coast is clear to obtain the most advantageous arrangement.

Words are perpetually cheap. If she was satisfied and a loyal lover she wouldn't be warmly entertaining flirtatious dares, but would take care to rebuff advances that could upset her man if he found out. But she doesn't value the relationship, instead inviting good offers from high bidders, looking for one that promises to please her the most.

No code of honor protects the vanquished lover from predation and theft of his prize, nor is there any safety net for the conqueror. Wandering barbarians boldly take the treasures they find, dispatching all resistance before them, fully aware that anyone fiercer will unhesitatingly do the same to them.

March 15, 2012

Go Low

When everything in life is easy, it's hard to cultivate any appreciation for its actual fragility and the rare encounter with anything of value and quality.

To see the full ranging width of perspective, you must first be familiar with the total loss of your greatest hopes and aspirations, to have accepted solitude, incivility, uncaring, smothered trust, and malicious destruction, having endured despair over simple truths of nature rendered increasingly elusive and needlessly impossible.

From nothingness we emerged for a brief respite and adventure before we soon return to it forever. The imminence of the hourglass prompts our search for others who live for purposeful alignment and expend themselves upon our one and only chance, a short moment of non-nothingness.

How wonderful to have entirely lost yourself and all your wishes many times, and from catastrophe become reborn into a richer and freer self made able to see loss as gain.

For happy pessimism is restorative! One has been worn by experience to presume nothing positive, and only expect loss, suffering, waste, grind, and vandalism. We are trained by the striking blow of the animated pathogen, bracing in expectation of its lash. When it fails to arrive and something healthy shows itself decisively instead, what a gift here below!

The taste of utter oblivion is both a tease and promise that it will one day return to swallow you completely. Only from this can you appreciate the warmth and yielding of a young woman. A man feels it in his gut, or more precisely just below, churning and stirring with unrelenting desire when her chemistry allures. Somehow as we wandered the desolate wastelands, we found one another and knew to make a world together while we could, loving its unknowns and honoring the vulnerable wealth we are for one another.

March 6, 2012


Our ideals are inherited, indicating an accumulated high water mark from an old era when ability and discipline were necessary. To not seek attainment of ideals burdened one with a difficult life. The wisdom inherent in them was an instructional roadmap, with local examples of failed people illustrating the costs of ignorance, inattention, and deviation.

Times changed, and today life is easy and effortless. Accordingly, the substance and essence of old risks and warnings were forgotten, yet idealistic phrases and ideas were repeated without context or consideration.

Eventually cause and effect became blurred. In this opportunistic haze, progressive new ideals were introduced, demanding loyalty without permitting questions or discussion of consequences. A mass of clever sharks gathered around this movement and demanded freedom from the oppression of reality. They cast blame on invisible external factors, insisting their own actions and self-caused conditions were innocent, benevolent, and enlightened, and thus attributed their failures to shadowed others who were surely keeping them down, especially the successful and well-adjusted who needed to be destroyed at any cost.

This worked, so long as attention spans were crippled and everyone was conditioned too afraid to confront lies, excuses, and filibusters. No one dared oppose decisions with obviously bad outcomes looming, and instead pretended to disavow knowledge of their effects. Even probable results were denied, and people politely rejected that likely outcomes could ever be binding or absolute for any individual case, even if true of the aggregate. Tolerance for everything reigned supreme, with costs borne most by one's neighbors.

Similarly, all choices were promised available with consequences discreetly hidden. If you believed the marketing, this rationalized selfish hedonism as a higher pursuit than cultivated ability or purposeful action, the latter now relegated to losers who were missing out on a profound amusement park experience.

Rather than obligating people to profess belief in ideals no longer in reach, we could free them from hypocrisy by rebalancing idealism to match contemporary reality. We would start by admitting we need guidance because most people are irresponsible, self-destructive, lazy, passive, irrational, unaware, unrealistic, and desirous of deception.

From this vantage we can more accurately look at human behavior to better consider what we should do, how to improve ourselves, make a healthy society, and critically assess how situations we create are likely to unfold.

February 29, 2012


The first few times you're lazily spending a weekend in bed with a girl and she answers a phone call prompted by her boyfriend's pulsing Spidey senses, it's both funny and insightful for the logic it reveals. You already knew she's not interested in that relationship, but now you get to watch masterful disingenuity performed with utter calm as she lies about her location, activity, and present company -- and is believed.

What are you dealing with? Skills that normally operate in stealth are now nakedly on display in a lewd showcase, the curtain pulled up for you to peer deep within.

Typically the cheating woman has a grievance with the boyfriend or husband, but does not communicate it or constructively work for a solution. She holds it in silently, letting it boil for a while before eventually plotting passive-aggressive revenge. What better retaliation than to desecrate the relationship by blatantly violating the trust that once sustained their precious unity?

She checked out of the relationship before the act of betrayal, writing it off as dead while keeping up lukewarm appearances without a hint of her plans. It's only over in her head -- all kinds of things live in her head -- and now she needs someone's help to complete her performance of contempt and derision. She finds a willing accomplice and seals the deal with an ultimate act to irreparably sabotage the relationship so it is forced to end, needing the transgressive fling just once to achieve her aims. Alternatively, she might enjoy tremendous satisfaction through the subversive clandestine violation of oaths and promises, an anarchistic joy fueled by many months of cheating until the spite and bitterness eventually overtakes her relationship and shatters all semblance of decency, often compelling her to triumphantly announce her prolonged campaign of disgust. She doesn't even use the sex for physical pleasure, but loves the irrefutable wreckage and depravity it celebrates, so dominating is her desire for retribution against what she once cherished.

Some of my male friends sleep around, but when in a serious relationship they rarely cheat, and when they do it is for good reason that can be discussed openly without lies. To make cover stories about one's choices instinctually feels to men a cruel deception that is uncomfortably dishonorable. Accordingly, few men are inclined to wield such tactics, instead recognizing them as highly effective but internationally banned because of their unfairness and brutal consequences.

Nature likely needs men willing to help a woman end relationships they no longer care for. Accommodation comes without pity that she is unable to communicate her feelings. We remain agents of nature with a gift for leading things where they must go.

February 23, 2012


Everything has a price.

They wanted me to drink a soda everyday, but I valued my health and quoted them $1000/day. When they tried to work a package deal to also get me to watch an hour of television every day, my daily fee became $2500.

In a universe spanning billions of years and perhaps infinity, I couldn't give away a short life for nothing.

February 21, 2012


Rather than turning away when I see suicidal self-checkmates, I am artistically experimenting with empathy to play with the motives, imaginations, tangled knots, suffering, and disappointment that make up the action.

We politely pretend people are complex and unique, but nature is efficient and endlessly recycles the same few themes, easily noticed and comprehensible, masked in obvious ways that are transparent to see through.

We waste a lot of time believing in the fable of individualism while ignoring the patterns of the whole.

February 18, 2012

Tolerate Everything

Is fire hot? Perhaps in a relative sense. The sun is hotter still and more oppressive.

More importantly, fire is natural and has always been with us. It's improper that authorities prevent us from having bonfires in our living rooms or anywhere else we want. How could you restrict a fire? It's free and goes where it wants. We need to learn and discover our humanity by becoming educated that fire is harmless and should be accepted as part of our community, perhaps even taken out to dinner and apologized to for past slights.

Fire poses no threat, but popular misconceptions about fire create a biased atmosphere leading to real harm. It's time we all grow up, which means everyone who disagrees must begin agreeing by giving up their observations, experiences, and beliefs, no longer concerning themselves with critical thinking, historical consideration, and proximate consequences.

The truth is there is fire in our community, and it's not going away. It should be tolerated, embraced, legalized, normalized, given special rights, protected status, tax exemptions, statues, holidays, made immune from criticism, considered impolite for adult discussion, advocated, taught, and given a free pass to do whatever it will.

Small bigots want to extinguish fire and keep it out of our community, wishing with hateful hearts to relegate it to campsites, burning trashcans, and other contained spaces. But who has the right to say I can't have a bonfire in my living room, kitchen, or bedroom? The so-called fire marshall might be upset, and the city counsel can pass fire hating laws, but no amount of legislation can prevent what we desire or keep us from our right to happiness.

No one can say whether it's good or bad to have houses burnt to the ground, therefore it's good. We're not here with goals and purpose, but rather to accept everything equally and passively spectate as we allow things to happen without distinction and valuation. We won't be enlightened until everything is accepted and every outcome is treated identically.

Some people might have had bad experiences with fire. We can't deny an authentic narrative and though you might have been burned or disfigured, fire holds no ill will toward you. It wants only to live judgment free and treated as normal or benevolent, as do we all, especially the badly flawed, decadent, and undesirable.

Now stare deep into the hypnotizing flickering flames and declare obedience to all permissiveness. We call this progress, and please don't judge the outcome.

February 16, 2012

Unique Personality

The steak was tasty, with browned edges and a pink center. The organic cow from which it came was grass fed in stress free fields, and had a distinctive attitude and unique personality. He felt a particular way about some things and had definite opinions, some insightful, while others were humorous or banal. He had his likes and dislikes, eccentric tastes and styles -- just look at his iPod tracklist and you'd know it was him.

We finished the juicy steak and reflected on the exceptional characteristics of his life. What a loss we feel in his absence.

February 14, 2012

Fresh Love

What is better than the mystery of maybe? It hints at a way to explore lush beckoning fields for the first time. Every event is a lucky chance encounter tempting your essence to survey whether she is ready to give herself to you. Will she attract you to press on and pursue? Or evoke nothing? For we shall not merge unless she first allures and tempts, stirring the suitor to uncover and dispel her modesties.

Like nomadic traders meeting at a strange outpost far from any familiar shelter, we begin by seeking a common language and curiosity. A gentle handshake and preliminaries ensue, then scales to measure raw goods, followed by swordplay to discern the adroit from shallow.

Bared pockets and a customary patdown suggest proof of fidelity beyond simple deception, and then he pledges the penultimate oath:

    I, of willful intent, am intrigued, drawn, and captivated, choosing to know your hidden wonderment and mysteries, standing before you with virile desire and passion worthy of your willfulness and yielding, overtaking restraint as a force of nature for which you will be appreciative and awed, ravaged and loved, as you are swept away by chemistry, ineffable drives, and potent storms that will be witnessed and experienced from its apparent epicenter, but never understood.
If she remains of good soul, health, and disposition, he will time and time again be enchanted with the same wild thirst to join her spirit unmasked, to tease, cultivate, entice, and draw out silenced and suppressed longings, to leave no part untouched, to overwhelmingly penetrate her barest totality with a driven fullness, to relentlessly pierce all barriers and zealously come inside her walls for cosmic union.

Eternal wheel ever rolling! We are made of fuel for raging fires that propel the world, but need your spark to ignite.

February 4, 2012


Precious and fragile, so easily replaceable by rash lashing out, dependency on stronger stimulants and depressants, and studious consideration of the imaginary.

Alright, if you think that's better. Our new loss leader is a lose-lose proposition with acidic environmental damage, sleep deprivation, and now you have to wear long sleeves so no one can see you are an innovative cutter.

The truly devoted terrorists blow themselves up to avoid looking at the useless mess they create.

February 1, 2012


"What do you consider the most humane? - To spare someone shame.
 What is the seal of liberation? - To no longer be ashamed in front of oneself."
We are not eager to shame.

What is called "shame" today is usually the judgment that a person's essence and actions render them of no worth to us. It's not a moral argument -- no one believes in morality or invisible gods anymore. We are solely concerned with the reality of function. Because we value our lives and want to go far, we are not going to get entangled with someone who destroys their value and every opportunity they encounter.

It is not shaming to point out the consequences of behavior and their effects. When we see that someone is obese, we reflect that they are harming their health and sense how they depress others by their demonstration.

We dislike the habits of substance abusers because their binges of consumption and self-destruction are ugly to watch as they take toll on themselves and those around them, the whole time failing to confront their underlying psychological issues.

Emancipated women choosing promiscuity aren't shamed so much as recognized as having lost the ability to sustain long term relationships. Men interested in easy sex will continue to enjoy them, but that's third-world ambition.

There is no shame in recognizing something for what it is and assessing it as a type of decline that lacks value. We aren't here to flatter the worthless or pretend that all choices are equal in outcome.

January 30, 2012


Like a massively inefficient economy, most of what we value is hyped pump and dump, bubbles about to burst, shoddy goods, and innovated obsolescence. When not distracting with self-important insistence on being the central hub, it is crowding out culture, meaning, good taste, sensibilities, and standards of quality.

There are no Superbowl commercials for fresh air, wild salmon, sleeping, hiking, or Seneca's Epistles. Everyone healthy already knows what to do. But to get money from people by convincing them to harm themselves by consuming junk, that takes an investment of millions in advertising before they respond as cued.

Our time is wasted valuing what has no value. This is more vulgar than noble poverty.

January 24, 2012

Lock and Key

Nature pairs the willful and willing, aligned in moments of opportunity and tested to see if they can hold on. We sniff and play house to glimpse the future and then choose to keep what is right for us.

Men age like fine wine and better whiskey. At 18, they are young, dumb, and full of comeuppance. This origin as utter nothingness has an upside in spurring motivation to achieve. His inspiration burns and strives rich with dreams and desire, and by 25 has done well and is on track for a successful life.

Women are rockstars at 18, able to stun and take over a room by merely entering it, and easily capturing the attention of any man they want. But this arsenal has lost effect by 25, or earlier if drunken hookups have worked their magic of worn emotional ambivalence. Worldly and callous seems bold but smothers the sparks that ignite love.

When people talk about the wild experiences of youth, there is little substance to it and much damage. No great information was uncovered by bringing pointless danger upon oneself, and restless acting out demonstrated a lack of reverence for life. Standing on a ledge brought nothing when they should have been going somewhere.

The ones that retained their value kept their heads down, worked towards goals, honed skills, explored good options, and lacked interest in spending energy on destructive rebellion. Their healthy souls nourished purpose and beauty, forming a harmonious pair that fits well together.

January 14, 2012

Aphorisms: Belief, Uncertainty, Action

I've compiled another edition of aphorisms from recent travels and found a thought that repeats with unchanged essence but different angle of attack, with four years trading psychological assessment for urgency of quick action:

Breaking the stalemate -- taking decisions is a race against the dissolution of time. Waiting rarely provides greater information for a wiser choice, but typically is a passive means of discarding opportunity.
Imperfect information is usually good enough for taking decisions and avoids the death spiral stall of waiting for what is unlikely to arrive.

We can discard information for clarity because the reason for the effect doesn't matter, only the function of the effect. We've seen the pattern before and know how it can play out given all possible decisions -- the rest is trivia. Thus we move forward to cast destiny into motion.

January 13, 2012

These Aren't Hippies

People told me I'd love Boulder, and it quickly shattered expectations. It's normal to walk, run, and bike everywhere, making it the fittest city in the U.S., full of attractive, energetic, willful, and positive people.

I came to Boulder during the annual Shakespeare festival, a beacon for all locals who love the arts and the potential of communication, more spirit than mind, with desire to take potential to its limits to uncover possibilities.

There are hints of the hippie lifestyle with legal marijuana dispensaries, but I haven't been able to find anyone who admits to using them or even being very aware of what that culture is in Boulder. Just as odd, there are a few extremist health food stores that only sell left handed apples picked by crippled orphans, drawing enough devoted customers to stay in business without being obvious mob money laundering operations.

Nature inspires reality over fantasy

On the surface there are plenty of people with crazy hairstyles and colors, wild piercings, and unusual makeup, but scratch the surface and you find they are just middle class college degreed youth with absurd uniforms. They mark themselves to announce distinction from the previous generation, screaming to not be measured with the same yardstick and grouped in with the wreck that proceeded them. So what type of world are they making?

Boulder's predominant characteristic is a compelling culture of excellence. Its cuisine favors demonstrations of experimentation, both sensible and interesting, careful to avoid cliches while using local offerings in unexpected but harmonious arrangements. There is even a battle to get high quality vegetables to market for an extended growing season, and to maintain tight ties with farms for fresh meat, with the most serious restaurants even taking ownership of their sources.

Colorado has a long craft beer history, which itself is a statement of dissatisfaction with the quality of generic quantity-centric factory beer, and a counterrevolution of high standard brewing. Local microbrews compete with friendly judgment and criticism of one another, keeping one other sharp and inspiring the Munich of the West, an inspiration now overflowing into artisan whiskeys.

Boulder also takes coffee seriously, rivaling Seattle with joy instead of depression, creating a climate in which each cafe competes to craft better espresso. Indie shops dominate, making it easy to find a great cup almost anywhere you happen to be.

All this and more because they didn't want to be mistaken for their parents.

January 11, 2012


Pacing with broken spirit
The leopard paced back and forth ten feet at a time from one side of the cage to the other. The pattern continued all day like a perfect robot, once a free roaming animal until broken into machine repetition.

A group of children approached and tried to provoke the leopard by waving their hands between the bars, but the cat remained transfixed on his circuitous journey to nowhere. "That's so weird!" exclaimed the youngest boy, "and it reminds me of episode 23 from season 6 of Seinfeld." The others nodded in agreement, all deeply knowledgeable in the complex stories of situational comedies.

"That's like the scene from Batman," said the boy in the red Nike shirt, compulsively recalling the fictional images constituting his consciousness. He had no awareness of literature, classical tales, theater, philosophy, or any cultural reference point -- and never would -- only streams of entertainment products meant to pacify people with comforting lies, dull cliches, and predictable story arcs.

"He walks like an uptight Republican just like Jon Stewart said," offered the pigtailed girl, obediently repeating what she had learned about political ideology from entertainment as a supplement to public school indoctrination.

Progress had achieved its destiny.

January 7, 2012

Liberalism Begets Bladed Libertarianism

There are many ways to win with force and aggression. You can easily badger others to comply with any demand by saying all who disagree are close-minded, untrendy, uneducated, hateful, unprogressive, and bigots. This manipulates others into agreeing to the demands out of an attempt to deny the titles the attacker has claimed.

You can run a sit-in and occupy anyone's property, shutting down the area until the neighborhood gives in to your demands. You don't need a bomb or to take human hostages when you can take over the business they need for income, or make the neighborhood in which they live unpeaceful while you wait for their capitulation. In the long run, masses with desire for personal gain always defeat law, order, and sense.

The media helps spread confusion by inflating things far beyond proportion, promoting drama to bored entertainment consumers and misrepresenting inconsequential issues so there is something for proles to talk about. News is a type of entertainment programming existing to sell commercials instead of factually inform, telling stories through a game of "telephone" where there is a grain of truth in the source, progressively and willfully distorted until presented with a straight-face as dutiful benevolent social interest.

Some people feel trapped by organization and the rules of reality, instead seeking to create a more permissive society. Government barely reacts, being mostly defensive in trying to stop specific destructive acts and decay, rather than taking interest in what people do. With few police and many people, the masses are almost completely unchecked, and the police cannot afford to monitor private actions. Over time the permissiveness of liberalism and sheer size of hedonistic individualism enraptured by diverse and contradictory desires turns society into a de facto libertarian system in which people can do whatever they want with minimal restriction or consideration of results.

This has side effects, especially when families, education, and public discourse are weak and ineffectual. There is no awareness of how acts are self-destructive, perhaps because it is more immediately enjoyable to pretend everything is harmless, and the masses love the idea that they can and should do whatever they feel like doing at the moment, regardless of consequences. Wisdom is dismissed as opinion, and every fool has an opinion, therefore reality can be anything someone imagines it should be, even when it isn't, in which case a secret conspiracy is surely the origin of oppression.

From observation and experience, sensible people know how things turn out, but eventually decide to pull back entirely, no longer attempting to reason with or help others doing violence to themselves. Instead, they accede to having all laws and public judgment removed, allowing unwise people to find their own results, which means to make no effort to scout or plan ahead and then be surprised by rough situations they brought upon themselves. The twist is that we no longer care what happens, as some are adamant to do what is known to be destructive, so we renounce all connections and responsibility, allowing them to be absolutely free individuals playing with sharp moving blades, sans training, sans guidance.

Obesity is the new black

This gets funnier when the liberal social structure remains, forcing a comedy of paradoxes. Are you responsible to pay for your neighbor's irresponsibility? If his stupidity and neglect leads to his misery and suffering, should you give him free money to compensate for his poor or careless ability to navigate life? Secular doctrine reminds us that we're all equal and can't judge.

Should you have to pay for your neighbor if he decides to have a drug habit or wants to sit on the couch getting fat? We're all bound together as one, so either have to raise our standards back to healthy as they were decades ago or work harder to tolerate destructive behavior. Alternatively we could kick hopeless people out of the system as parasitical freeloaders, but this implies some people are not equal, at which point the whole deck of cards would collapse, not allowing us to drag it out longer until collapsing on its frail bloated weight.

Being forced to pay for the irresponsibility of others calls the bluff. When we're all forced into the same boat, what do you do when someone starts sinking it and convinces others to join the sabotage?

Old methods have been arrested. Progressive tolerance denounces most truth as offensive, knowledge from our best sources isn't propagated, and intergenerational wisdom is no longer transmitted to pass on lessons of experience. Schools do little more than indoctrinate, preventing critical thinking, creating a demographic of parrots, and leading to degrees of no value to employers. You can get mad and riot that uneducated and unskilled people don't matter much to civilization, but you've earned and created all of this from the utopian society you've been working on since the hippie revolution.

Now with forced toleration, everyone is totally free to walk to their doom. No warnings, pleas, arguments, judgment, help, or rehabilitation will be provided. It's your world baby, and it's all about you!

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