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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 31, 2011

That which is dead is in no danger of dying

Deemphasis on quality tacitly promotes low quality. Soon you can no longer gather enough brainpower to send a man to the moon. Essential social and material infrastructure break down, with no replenishment coming, as quality has degraded, unable to do what was trivial a generation or two ago. Decline hits in small ways from all sides, reducing the value of any proposition, a wave hitting business, education, and culture as they slowly collapse from the inside, no saving remedy able to help.

Many sense something isn't right, but to get at it is off limits, with truth too offensive to be voiced. We're practically in utopia as we chant professed allegiances to honored sacred cows, yet nothing works, no one can figure out the basic principles of life previously known and constituting society, disharmony has become the norm, and one usually guesses right to expect all to be out of step and rhythm with what was once easy and natural. All are too decent and polite to blame the priests or accuses them of lying, and what does blame matter when it fixes nothing.

Some seek peace and bliss, and say that is enough, even perfection. That is one way. Why take much care about the world when you can keep your head down, drunk, spaced out, and entertained?

"Science is supposed to be the pursuit of truth, but in secular cultures it has become the chief vehicle for myth. The human needs that were once expressed in religion have not disappeared. From the cult of cryogenics to absurd neo-Darwinian ideas, the core myths of western religion are being recycled as science. In the course of this transformation, the wisdom they contain is being lost. Growing scientific knowledge is not producing a more rational view of the world, but a secular mythology that is further from the truth of the human condition than the religious myths of the past."
[John Gray]

Avert the childrens eyes
Forget left untold
Don't look back to see
The blood
River in the road.

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