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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 5, 2011

New Formulas Don't Work

Motion impairs stability with ruthless judgments of every unsure unnatural step. Each lunging start, breakneck stop, diverging turn, and isolating wandering takes away stable footing. It is now permitted to do what was just two generations ago deemed impossible, illegal, recklessly destructive, corrosive, and self-imprisoning. In this brave new world without seatbelts, you're free to find out what happens when you go whereever.

Never a pitfall in one step, but spread over three or four chained inevitabilities, sweetened with saccharine, numbed by nihilistic tolerance, spurred by adderall and bored purposelessness.

Like a military ambush gone bad, ill-prepared friends and colleagues lay strewn about a dark forest floor, dead or incapacitated, relieved of ever reflecting how their cocksure clever uncharted adventures laid the perfect trap for themselves. Honesty still lurks somewhere if you're unable to silence it. Do you really imagine yourself different from the other failures around you when you all took the same paths, only some arrived sooner at the destination?

There's no bargaining with a noose, no overruling will or dream narrative that forestalls nature, only the provisional spotlit stage of eternity with a simple way things work, and always will, contrasted with a million diversely innovative ways to hobble, cripple, poison, and wreck oneself.

Jostle, rush, rage, habituate and whatever else you want. It all turns out the same way you see it go for others making similar choices, and the consequences are yours forever.

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