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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 3, 2011

Deep Nature

Around us swarm lions, alligators, grizzlies, rattlers, scorpions, stray dogs, hustlers, and all flavors of opportunistic predation. Who's got your back baby? -- which is to imply we would also have some motive to save the front. You tremble at the prospect of your vulnerability, the situation forcing realization arising into undeniability as you lay stunned by momentary self-awareness. No high esteem assurance helps here.

Your voice wavers, recognizing the untamed force you face, as you stressfully try to talk through it, reluctantly expecting it will overtake your resistance and do as it desires. You have already submitted to the prospect before any barbarity begins, yet you claim to disbelieve in natural hierarchy?

Deserted by day

In these duressing instances we can be easily torn limb from limb, mugged, and maimed by the wild. Civilization is only an illusion and ideal, easily lapsing and eclipsed by what escapes the stillness or defies encirclement. We forever remain jungled beasts of the outdoors with impulses overriding arbitrary rules no one really believed as anything more than temporary convenience anyway.

Only one force offers salvation from this: we who are cosmic warriors of justice and take interest in protecting you at our risk. Our services are of the highest value and not offered promiscuously.

Money, height, big arms, intelligence, and a strong jaw are just proxies. Women swoon for men who can set situations right. Call it character if that helps ascribe a positive trait -- it's a bulwark against violations, and a dumb, ugly, poor man who has backbone enough to stop chaos and make it into order as an organic filtration system will get the pretty girl. He need only demonstrate that a threatening danger has been calmed and settled, that he can put disturbances to rest by standing up to face and dispatch what softer self-preserving beings cannot, and at once women are eager to align. After all, we are supposed to be making a world together, as we have done for time immemorial, paired into the only roles that sustain one another.

This is just simple nature, a lasting truth when civilization's flimsy veneer slips away.

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