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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 16, 2011

La Retardacion

I play a game 'til I'm dead You can introduce a child to language in two ways. First, you can come down to the child's level and babble imitative sounds at them with goo-goos and ga-gas. This nonsensical communication fills the room with noise about nothing and leads nowhere. You might as well be broadcasting the day's news.

Alternatively, you can speak to the child with adult standards from the outset and they will gradually rise to meet expectations. This immediate access to adult vocabulary, linguistic structure, and logical ordering will allow any smart five year old to adequately express themselves and begin to make sense of the world.

Prior to the plebeian revolution, society's standards were based upon its best efforts, e.g. eternal art rather than trivial entertainment, with public discourse founded around ideas and topics of importance rather than popular banality. Quality was, as always, rare and precious, yet venerated and triumphing despite majorities.

vulgar - of or relating to the common people; in popular use; ignorant or deficient of good taste

Modernity treats all as children and babbles noises at them. Ambition is replaced by safe and easy ready-made decisions, making most outcomes stupid and dysfunctional, perfectly as intended. The adult world of high standards gives way to a wave of trivialities, stunted facsimiles, and a succession of lies and delusion, undermining capability and excellence, stifling dynamism, agility, urgency, sense, and consciousness. They call it progress.

With little risk comes little reward. A regimented path with few options and predictable outcomes cultivates the public for a childish mentality, in turn necessitating a robotic nanny state that functions for little more than churning out sleepwalkers by the millions.

Is our goal to herd helpless, self-destructive sheep, or to accomplish something? And if some are destroying themselves, must all be sequestered out of an abundance of caution to preserve the defective?

You can aim for the gutter but there's not much to feast on there.

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