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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 30, 2011

They Leaned Too Long to Stand a Fall

If you live at the shoreline, you see the tide rolls gently, punctuated by occasional storms. Every few years a hurricane rolls through and damages infrastructure, people rebuild, and then life goes on. Who but a dramatic maniac rejects the regular course of things and instead proposes that an irregular snapshot of a bad moment justifies a parade of hysterics?

When we abolished considering consequences because they were judgmental for suggesting what was likely to happen, we relinquished the future to blind experiments. This too yields answers eventually, though disembodied, and since we aren't going to be thinking, we can adapt to this approach while we live under the progressivism of the entertainment era.

Despite being forbidden thought and judgment, we still don't need any moral or legal system to measure. It remains impossible to not consider the most likely and plausible outcome. Will a choice or action make you stronger or weaker? Will it lead to a better or worse outcome? You are free to watch TV, play video games, take drugs, and eat junk food. Either those will harm you or make you more successful. If you can't guess which, double or triple your dosage to yield clearer and faster results.

If you hesitate, is it because some instinct in you still clings to the possibility of having a good life that you imperil by bad choices? And if you rush to bury yourself in consumption and escape, what is at the root of your destructive desires and lack of reverence for life?

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