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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 16, 2011

Nature's Imperative

Nature trumps morality. Women are too practical to favor abstract philosophical systems over the tangible. Consider carefully her motives:

  • Did she offer an ambiguous possibility so she could get a free dinner and drinks, enduring bad conversation and fumbling social interaction?
  • Did she fake caring to secure half of someone's wealth? Sure beats a boring office job.
  • Did she instigate a pregnancy in hopes of forcing a marriage or enriching herself with "child support"?
Men invented romance and the idea of women as gentle, delicate, innocent creatures, but woman too is but an animal rich with options and schemes. She ruthlessly creates accidents, surprises, excuses, subterfuge, "reason", necessities, preferences, even sudden discoveries of morality when convenient, and any other snare needed for goals far from any morality or fair dealing.

She plays hardball, and does it best by pretending to be soft.

"The men who fathered my children are much better looking, more masculine, and healthier than my hubby. If you were to ever meet my husband, you would agree that he is not the ideal man to mate with, but he would be a good dad."
[Have An Affair]

Everyone wishes they were above average, i.e. they can take pride in having an excellent lineage and thus possess a natural right to flourish as an exemplar of humanity's ascension. As such, they want to be one not to be cheated on, nor stolen from, nor cuckolded.

It is easy to see how one could want this for themselves to affirm their genetic worthiness for reproduction, but to say this should be the case for all is madness. Not everyone can be of above-average lineage, and that which is low does not wish to remain low, but rather aspires to claw itself upward by whatever means necessary.

Only the base and low insist that all scales and yardsticks be abolished so the inferior can be treated as equal to the exceptional. That which has timeless value needs no special rights or social propaganda to protect them from nature's preference for the superior.

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