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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 7, 2011


Civilization is always burdened with surplus proles. Even if well educated, they tend to be generally stupid from indoctrination and culturelessness, getting in the way of thinkers, artists, and organizers. How best to deal with one more obstacle holding back humanity? It is unclear whether better to drive out the pollution or to extract profit from them while incapacitating them with a lifestyle of consumption and entertainment.

Considering this question, it is possible that Lady Gaga is not merely a laughable creator of trite pop garbage, but rather is a diabolical genius fully aware of the snares she sets to catch diverse swine.

I am angry in a gentle frustrated passive-aggressive way and want to wreck society to get revenge against the superior She understands liberalism perfectly and how to profit by repeating its message of pity and victimization to the very people who support it and remain unaware why they are alienated and unsuccessful. She calls a crowd of losers her "monsters" and tells them they are special snowflakes who should believe in their dreams, a preacher's twist on the empty "hope and change" slogan. Their problems in life aren't their own fault or shortcomings, but an invisible oppression that someone else has been secretly plotting against them to keep their incredible dreams from realization.

She vaguely promises a better future for the lost with no action or specific plan, a magical offering of wish fulfillment, while distracting them with fantastic but meaningless spectacles. She promotes her $100 ticket concerts as important and life altering historical events, flattering those who selflessly fill her coffers in the revolution of misfits she professes to lead, urging all to a steadfast rebellion by purchasing her products.

On track to earn $100,000,000 this year, she tells people what they want to hear, reaching a stadium of lost souls at a time. But why fix a complex problem when you can let it choke itself while getting rich at its expense? She is untroubled that millions of surplus prole children are wasting their youth in narcissism.

It's a feast of pure predation. And why shouldn't you pounce on what is so submissively offering itself up to be taken?

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