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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  May 5, 2011

Spill Yourself While you Can

Osama was like Akira Kurosawa in that he did not look away from what was in front of him, but took it in and penetrated to its essence. As a Yemeni-Syrian in Saudi Arabia, he was the perfect outsider to notice grand fraud as strange rather than accepting it as normal or defending it for personal gain.

The leaders do not lead, nor do they sustain the people's traditions or values. As hypocrites and swindlers, they suck away the nation's wealth, stealing from the future.

Many get this far in diagnosing problems. Few devise solutions or participate in restoring healthier states. Osama had a vision and saw it exceeded him, making him only an expendable messenger of a greater idea. Enemies far away need not be confronted on their terms when they could be more brutally stretched thin until they had exhausted themselves. His notion of time was longer, unmodern, with an extended attention span. No matter needed to be settled in days or months when years remained plenty. The force of foreign armies was considered firm by others, but he saw them as flimsy, easily subverted and remade. Rulers of nations could be toppled and replaced to reshape coming centuries, in accordance with the history of the region.

When you think you see a way and it draws you toward it, it's worth spending your life on it, especially if the alternatives (cocaine, video games, loose women, etc) easily bore you. You know it's high stakes, not poker, but a life contest of visions and wills.

You might as well do something interesting that you believe in instead of quietly tolerating errors, harm, sickness, and purposelessness. In doing so, you also fight for a better form of life, not just for yourself, but restoring the natural order in preparation for what will come after you are gone.

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