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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 28, 2010

Investing in Answers

Investment policy met a system of attainability -- and sparks flew.

Most things are just...things: utterly replaceable, of no great loss if stolen or destroyed, other than a minor annoyance to buy them again. A few replaceable things attach experiences, such as faithful designer clothing and fast cars, but the memories won't attach to replacements. The allure of the original item is that it helps remind.

Then there are pure experiences, the best use of money other than books and musical instruments. Like bribing politicians, experiences are remarkably inexpensive for what you get. If you move quickly, you can buy a ticket to watch the rawness of a preeminent musician from a few feet away, or travel to a location that will echo within you for a lifetime.

Even an entire world-class day in NYC can be had for under $1000 and that manner of living invigorates your soul for months, proving the investment value of the arts, adventure, and great food. Cut out the bar tabs, cable bills, netflix, and other unrewarding and numbing robotic consumption habits and you'll find the same money goes farther when spent on something suitable for humans.

Unknown potentials suggest what could be, but the competition of tempting opportunities paralyzes when most paths are exclusive, contradictory, or open for just a short while. The solution to this is absurdly simple: pick the most enticing one and meet its bluff to see what it really is, no matter what you have to do. Often the answer is not pleasing, as much masquerades to benefit by deception, but every situation can be forced to a call.

Either it folds and shrinks away or it reveals its hand. In either case, this approach is successful because it finds a new direction to pursue or crosses off a maybe from the list of contenders. Accordingly, every answer is a good answer. May we be rich in answers!

Discovery is triumphant where talk and excuses are not. The economic expense is worth it, not just as an experience of exploration and recognition that every thing, person, city, and event are fully available, but also for the clarifying freedom that untangles contingencies of consideration.

In a better world everything would be as plain as we are. Alas, we have only this world, so must go forth ruthlessly to denude all that conceals truth and attempts to entice us with chimeras. Not only do we benefit, but we benefit the world when deputized as inspectors of promise and enforcers of reality, fiercely pursuing tempting prospects and beating down all bluffs and misrepresentation placed before us.

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