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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  December 18, 2010

Chorus of Castrati

Hippies imposed their values and worldview from souls that no longer burned with fire, exhausted by drugs and oversocialization, deluded by fantasies, maleducated, and thirsting for revenge. Hungry for praise, they eulogized nature and proclaimed themselves enlightened and champions of the weak, broken, and defeated. What could uphold civilization after renouncing manliness and vigor?

They were non-violent because they were incapable of successfully wielding violence. They renounced material gain because they could not acquire it. They objected to reality in favor of altered consciousness, repositioning themselves as consumers of novel amusements to look away from life.

The hippie promised unlimited fantasy. The unathletic could be great athletes, the passionless could be fantastic composers, the dull could aspire to more than feeding and dressing themselves. If someone could not become what they were not, a secret oppression was to blame. They yearned for the dysfunctional half-man to be king.

The rebel has the same anger as the moralist, both agitating to upheave society and leadership not because of what man has denied him, but because of what nature has denied him.

But even if the moralist simply turns to the individual and says "You should be such and such!" he does not stop making himself ridiculous. The individual is a slice of fate, both ahead and behind -- one more law, one more necessity for everything that is coming and will be. To say to the individual, "change yourself," means wishing that everything should change itself, even retroactively. And there really have been consistent moralists; they wanted human beings to be different, namely virtuous, they wanted them made in their own image, namely as bigots. To this end, they denied the world! No small lunacy! No modest sort of immodesty!

After clearing away these complicated obscurant structures, all reality is solely derived from nature. Opposition is fruitless -- she rules even if you dislike her rule.

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