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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  November 10, 2010

Smug Rational Decline

Totality was replaced by flimsy, disjoint mathematical models that cut corners for simplicity. The gods were consolidated into a single god (The German Christian God), then abolished upon realization we could combine our superstitions into detached, segregated causes and effects that always remain confined to the examination area. As individualism flourished, we accordingly imagined everything in the universe could be separate; humanistically floating through space on islands enclosed in hermetic bubbles.

From this enlightened ability to see only a step or two ahead while hurling through infinite space, consequences too were abolished as obsolete, replaced with idealized fantasies of desired outcomes unpinned from the oppression of reality, liberating the inner hippie monkey to do whatever they feel like and deny the result and reason.

With the growth of atheism, our irrationality no longer had an encompassing metaphor and playground. It could only see the world in the crude mechanism of isolated causes and effects -- never with any bigger conception than the immediate and isolated. When the voice of atheistic self-assurance asserted itself, it appropriately made society irrational, crazy, and ignorant of essential comprehensive interconnectivity.

Polytheism was more dynamic, artistic, and robust.

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