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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 27, 2010

The Artist denudes costumes to reveal the heart

Artists are articulators of the universe, standing far from the tepid mob of office zombies, day laborers, and parroting students. The artist necessarily disregards cliches and polite lies that oversocialized people build for a safe place to lay idle until they die. The artist is a threat precisely because he takes no interest in false conventions and provides a path to truths that others block and obscure.

The artist lives in a vivid world, compared to the gray world permitted by typical discourse, and his attempt to convey his vision makes the bland, constrained, misrepresenting, and mechanicalized world more fertile. Instead of appealing to expectations and predictable repetition, the artist communicates what is possible and what is truly at hand -- a great gift in era of delusion and conformity.

The artist is not a rebel or contrarian, though often stands apart from trends and prevailing beliefs through innocent unawareness of them. He is an interpreter by instinct with a spirit never eroded or tamed, going where he must without deferring docility.

The artist desires nothing easy, safe, or already done. Anything striking or feral that drives his interest for exploration, grasping, transformation, and ultimately an expression capturing its essentiality. Neither apologist nor moralist, he is a well tuned instrument that senses and penetrates to every core to glean its salient aspects. His curiosity is closely related to the adventurer and explorer, but he discovers and uncovers whatever is before him without need of exotic lands. Accordingly, he is at home everywhere and even exotic lands immediately make sense and fit into his natural continuum of experiences.

The artist is experimenter and inventor. "No one else would do it this way, but I see how it can be done." The whole world is his workshop and gymnasium. If any attempt does not meet his standards, he may shelf the idea for a later approach to attack it from a different point. He knows what he is made of and can do. As free spirit and empty vessel, he is loyal to his capabilities and spills his passion into everything around him.

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