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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  October 6, 2009

Aggressively asserting my expanded sphere of influence

Geopolitical opportunity presented herself -- such charming and pleasant company. At first it looks like wanderlust, but all actions for a purpose!

I considered what I most demand of locations, how few essential destinations exist, how absurdly the best offerings are scattered across various cities, and how close and accessible many of them are.

I tolerate cities because they are the best way to keep living art created centuries ago. Sometimes there are interesting people in cities, if they have a plan for life and haven't fallen into the convenient abyss of drinking, drugs, entertainment, and other empty distractions. And sometimes cities are central locations to great nature just hours away.

Therefore, be it resolved that my SPHERE OF INFLUENCE encompasses the following.

IMMEDIATE: Washington DC, New York City, Chicago. These cities are subject to spontaneous day trips.

WESTERN: Headquartered in San Francisco, extending from Seattle to Baja California Sur.

EASTERN: Western Europe, specifically Spain, France, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. Able to hop further from there for tempting adventure.

NORTHERN: I claim the whole of Canada, especially Toronto. Will exchange sparse regions for a good meal.

SOUTHERN: Southern Florida until Miami, satellite offices in the Caribbean headquartered in Palm Beach, Aruba.

If you live within my sphere of influence and have something interesting to share, please stay in touch.

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