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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  September 8, 2009

Uncovering what you really know

The words people use and drama they spin into form out of usually nothing of substance are all part of a show put on by bad actors. We can tolerate a little bad acting, more if we love them and understand their suffering, or we can fix our gaze upon the core of the situation and ignore the artifice squandered on a poorly conceived amateur performance. Underneath all of the drawn out pretense is the actual communication.

Dreams are for me a wonderful way to look at the people in my life. A drama unfolds based on characterizations and feelings observed but never articulated or deeply considered. Now these impressions are made into a story and personalities emerge in the world of the dreamer who is creating everything. The observer and critic watching, who is also the writer, director, stage manager, caterer, and key grip, must be sufficiently convinced this is the person he knows and that their distinct traits are exhibited believably. In doing so, their essential aspects are on display and how they respond in various scenarios will immediately strike you as either foreign or believable depending on whether they match what you think of them. Suddenly their persona is seen under a spotlight, illuminating good or bad traits you've seen in other forms previously.

Neuroscientist Allan Hobson explains his interest is in the grammar of dreams rather than their narrative, which seems sensible because dreams are like a musical improvisation governed by bendable rules. Though a narrative written on the fly cannot claim deep development or a clearly constructed investigation of any topic or thesis, themes and ideas contained within can still be honest, worthy of expression and insightful though the whole may be inartistic, disjoint, and banal. A personal grammar might be more fruitful than the definitive and probably unattainable scientific model Hobson seeks and defends. Once declaring and thus sworn to a doctrine, how do you back out when reality doesn't match it? Academics mostly stonewall, hold the line, and sacrifice aspiring students like cannon fodder for a pointless war to defend presumptuous ego-laden babbling decades ago. These educated morons only construct mazes and greater confusion when putting all of their intelligence and political power into literal, linear interpretations.

Explanations fall prey to the technological metaphors of their era because those are closest at hand, even if wrong. Neuroscience is predominantly swayed by nihilistic mechanical and chemical explanations that in some cases are physically correct while overlooking the systemic or evolutionary purposes of those mechanisms, getting lost in the trees and missing the forest completely. To say dreaming is a random process might seem the case when studying moderns whose minds are so polluted with long hours of television and pointless drugged up existence that their dreams are an echo of their insane lives, but the brain in its natural and organic state has a type and quality of dreams quite different from the pathological case common today. Modern progress is a sick aberration and degeneracy, hardly a suitable measure of healthy people or society worth studying if you want to understand human potential and purpose. The lasting scientific narrative is a dismissal of dreams just as it once said the appendix was a useless vestigial organ, only to discover many decades later it didn't understand but was eager to make authoritative statements about topics it didn't grasp.

Through dreams you can get great perspective on what is wonderful about a person, how their life is a disaster, how you really feel about them, and plausible possibilities in adventure, struggle, romance, and new ways of living. It is all laid plainly in front of you to see, sometimes in metaphor, sometimes as a ripe fruit almost begging to be plucked or seduced into offering its sweetest treats. What you see is not real in that it did not happen, yet dreams can bring truths that become inevitable. If you have a stream of penetrating visions that stir you then these realizations are merely waiting to be written into eternity.

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