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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 13, 2009

No comfort or guarantees

Illusions are worse than lies. Let us quickly discard them.

Modernity demands living in a warlike posture. Opportunity is transient and people are capricious. Perhaps nothing abundant today will be available tomorrow. Depend upon nothing and expect nothing. Everything must be treated as expendable, at best a temporary amusement or convenience. What you believe in might be overturned and overthrown tomorrow. Ignore what people declare as their intent; instead watch actions and tendencies with skepticism. Discard the notion of stability and embrace the normalcy of destruction, conflict, catastrophe, risk, new lawbooks, exile, violence, and social upheaval. Life is short. Yours might be also.

Everything you have might be taken away. Rely only on your ability to create it all again. Complete distrust in others but total faith in oneself. And Realpolitik.

Security is an illusion, at best a break in the storm. Comfort makes weak, fat, and lazy. Housecats and other sleeping spectators have comfort and security -- and are only technically alive. Plan for war, not peace -- peace is boring but in war the raw nature of life surfaces (the only thing that is not a lie) and peak capability emerges as you become fully alive.

Throw everything away, or at least free yourself from the idea of ownership, permanence, and permission. Your essence and instincts for creating a future are what matter, not temporary conditions. Slash and burn, scorch the earth, nuke at will, ritually sacrifice, and bestow as offerings to the gods -- for what you have today is unimportant and threatens you with weakness.

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