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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  August 12, 2009

Play time is quality time

Not more communication -- if you are struggling to express yourself and be understandable then quantity doesn't help.

Everyone either knows where they are and can tell you, or they are confused and wandering through the wacky dreamworld in their head.

Languages are fine to communicate basic ideas but are insubstantial beyond that, flailing about with gestures, lunges, imprecise approximations -- leading to skepticism towards language. How to say more, completely? - less structure, willful informality, abstract forms, art, and breaking rules because it makes more sense to escape forms that constrain the possible range of communication.

Lately I've been especially enjoying playful, vivid, feminine women and like what they broadcast (we act on natural signals, not logical value propositions; attraction is its own proof). I generally pick out the cutest girl in the room, watch her a little to get a vibe, then we make eye contact and in a few seconds she tells me everything about how the night's going to go, and then we begin exploring.

I don't care about the boring daily life stuff (job, college major, etc) and don't even ask about it, but love to find out everything about their personalities and spirit which is where they are really alive and tingle. Playful talk gets to the heart of chemistry and lets us show each other everything that can be shown in public.

Premise: two humans face one another to share expression but any formality suffocates everything into polite banality. The play of the virile and fertile must not be impeded by stultifying social conventions that serve neither, so discard and violate them at will for everyone's benefits.

No rational thought is needed or helpful - it kills everything. Live bare, fearless, and trust in the moment. Your instincts will do everything perfectly as she melts for you.

Every perfect moment of romance repeats this truth. Suckle its marrow! And from the lack of deliberation, the essential facts of life undeniably appear before you.

Hint: It is in the way she says yes to everything.

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