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  July 26, 2009

Healthcare: Treating mass wreckage is expensive

In the U.S., every professional has excellent healthcare provided by their employer. There is a currently a debate about whether professionals should buy healthcare for non-professionals. But the issue of taxes and services is larger than this. Professionals pay about the same tax rates as Europeans while receiving far fewer governmental services, of which healthcare is only one. It's baffling at first, until you see how the economics work.

It costs about the same to support a legal citizen or an illegal alien. Both need food, shelter, transportation, roads, schooling for their children - and the additional "free" hospital care, prisons, and other expenses are just hidden costs shifted onto the public. The cheap labor isn't so cheap, though the direct employer might not have to pay all of the costs.

So why is American healthcare 2.5 times more expensive than European healthcare? The problems being solved are necessarily more intense.

These wretched creatures break down all the time and consequently incur the shifted expenses of their unhealthy lifestyle. Until fast food, junk food, soda, television, video games, and illegal drugs are taxed to fund their health implications, those industries will continue to wreck people without responsibility for the costs.
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