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  June 29, 2009

How I reorganized myself into a tiered government

When the sovereign citizen defense failed at my last sedition trial, I began looking for a legally defined organizational scheme that provided shielding from meddling outsiders and established a comprehensive and robust framework for dynamic global transactions and partnerships.

My legal staff determined I was best served by incorporating myself into a governmental system where I could personally serve most roles, whether on a voluntary basis or by conscription.

At once I became a brave, bold nation! I immediately set out to establish formal peace treaties and trading arrangements with others reciprocally recognized as nations, clearly stating my intentions and desires for positive dealings. As a statesman I was professional and respectful, at no time telling beautiful nations that I'd like to annex their hilly regions, speaking too fondly of their ample natural resources, or boasting about how firmly our ruler ran the government.

As a diplomat, I was dispatched to talk and play with other nations, deliberately and openly expressing interest while looking for mutual opportunities. Diplomacy is largely informal, consisting primarily of socializing, travel, and parties. Diplomats are beautiful people.

My greatest stroke of genius was making the loyal opposition useful instead of a drag on the nation. Most people who define themselves as opposing something are not supporters of any positive vision, but only seek to slow, stop, or hassle others. Impressive deranged antisocial parasites! At best they are blustering loud mouth know-nothings hiding behind untested theories they advocate as proven solutions. But a few in their camp might have a good idea of two, though you'd never be able to pick it out because they have no demonstrated record of good ideas or the ability to validate a new one. So I called their bluff by requiring them to try out every idea they championed. Now instead of babbling empty words, they test and experiment to find out what is true and then they have something to actually talk about.

My next sedition trial is in November. My defense will be that I was acting lawfully in accordance with my role in a legally established governmental system. If I don't win, I reserve the right to continue referring to myself as a government rather than merely in the third person as the lesser sovereign do.

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