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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 16, 2009

Behind Door #3

Unknown of unknowns, looming questions marks, believers in conventional propriety: is it honorable to leave essential mysteries unseen? The fish that got away but held your hand before it vanished happily reacquaints in private recollections.

What is "supposed" to happen is just a guarded barbed wire assumption. One "supposes", i.e. projects expectations, and this immediately assumes an answer as an echo to the projected expectation, avoiding anything that could be an experience or discovery. Bold inaction! Heroic resigner! Solipsistic sloth!

If you don't climb the fence you will forever be self-immobilized and left outside. You might get scratched when you climb, but wounds are made to heal. Treat discomfort like pain, a signal that something with potential is in motion, but do not oppose, avoid it, or take it too seriously. Consider also that there is no discomfort in vapid routine, but often numbing, so the opposite of what brings that result should be an inviting suggestion.

Become comfortable with discomfort to the extent of seeking discomfort when there is something calling you to make your appearance. Fences are there to be climbed and there is surely someone who wants to meet you on the other side. Do not deny your potential companions or yourself.

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