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One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. -Nietzsche

  June 11, 2009

Crooked Ghetto Hash Play

I decreed you'd agree
It's none of those things you think you see
You're sore for sure, with demons to appease, please, and feed
Bored and unrewarded, dreaming of the means you seem to need
Contorted vortex, fell on your sword, not a remedy

Miss Dystopian, pessimistic Extropian
Kissed that hopeless dope again
Noticed then he's a pretend friend
Missed the signs this lifestyle's broken when
A token consists of sophisticated moping
Dispel the hell that swells while you're doping (synthetics and meds)
Gist of the wistful, never get what you're hoping

Shattering dreams
Scattering seems so safe
When it's not mattering
Lies are fat and flattering
To run with the timid
Having fun yet you're livid
You're playing with it
Angry you dulled what was vivid

Mad at misunderstandings
Sad that imaginings haven't been examined yet
Standing and pandering
Neither caring nor demanding
Closet monsters aren't there
Composites that don't care
They're imaginary everywhere
A world not so dark nor despairing
Deny the lies, let's be daring
Lies compromise, surmise you're uncaring
Supply surprise, threats and staring
Line up your truths for sharing, comparing

As bitter martyr acting out
Harboring lasting doubt about
Why not to shout and pout
When you feel like life's a drought
Rejoice, romance, a deep embrace
Secret glance at a hidden place
Unsilenced voice and forbidden face
A choice, a chance, a leap of faith

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