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  July 13, 2008

Revolution March in DC

The atmosphere was festive, relaxed and welcoming with a hippie feel of tolerance and togetherness yet fully prescient of the action necessary to win what all desired. Without delusion, the 10,000 or so people gathered dismissed passivity and fatalism, instead seeing the world as open, raw, and red in tooth and claw, ready to be uprighted if the right hands took it forward.

Ron Paul has hit his stride as a speaker, speaking easily and fluidly in contrast to a less polished public presentation during the early part of his presidential campaign. Though his message then was more thoughtful than his opponents, they were better story tellers even when they had nothing of substance to say. In recent months, Paul has demonstrated media mastery, and this was the case here as well as he spoke warmly to his adoring partners in revolution.

Against the backdrop of the Capitol building, Dr. Paul reflected on his joy of being "discovered" after decades of the same message, admitting his initial doubts about whether he was to be the messenger and then reluctantly allowing his platform to shine a light on the unpopular truths that had to be discussed. When his opponents tried to silence him by shaming him for speaking out, it resulting in popularizing his ideas, gaining him increased mindshare and millions in campaign donations.

Most revolutions are caused by envy and class warfare, typically leaving the nation worse off when the mob revolts against public order. In this revolution, grievances are a result of public disorder: a reckless leadership dismissing the Constitutional rule of law, a reckless foreign policy that endangers the people and destabilizes the world, a reckless government spending that threatens the prosperity of people, and an increasing police state that attempts to suppress legal activity and instill mindless compliance.

What will the revolution look like? It will be fairly quiet though disruptive. From the edges, supporters will slowly gain access to local and state governments, curbing their intrusion of outside bodies, advocating localized decision making, enforcing fiscal responsibility, increasing personal choice, and shrinking the force of government against the citizens that fund it. Government will be made responsible and tamed to serve the people instead of working against them.

Though not invited to speak at the Republican convention in Minneapolis, Dr. Paul promised his convention there would be much more exciting. With an interesting deconstruction of the delegate system underway, several days of interesting dissent promise to reveal a collapsing Republican party and more hints about how the democratic system is open to reform, though a new party appears necessary.

Dr. Paul finished his speech by saying that revolutions are not won by having 51% of the people in agreement, but by an active 3-5% -- and his supporters already have that percent. They must now carefully move forward and bring their vision to light.

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